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Gift Battles: Disposables VS Pod Systems

Gift Battles: Disposables VS Pod Systems

Andres Roman |

Pod Systems vs. Disposables

Perhaps the most popular vape devices currently on the market today are pod systems and disposables. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, so how do you decide which one to get? In this blog, we'll compare them both and tell you which one has better performance, which one is more cost-effective, which one is more convenient, and finally which requires more maintenance. 

Table of Contents

  1. Pod Systems vs. Disposables: What are they?
  2. The Difference in Performance
  3. The Difference in Price
  4. The Difference in Convenience
  5. The Difference in Maintenance

Pod Systems VS Disposables: What are they?

Pod systems and disposables are perhaps the most popular vape devices currently on the market. They are both discreet, use nic salts, and are super portable. Although they might seem very similar, there are stark differences that set them apart. In the following section, we'll explain thoroughly what pod systems and disposables are. 

What are pod systems?

Pod Systems are small vape devices that can fit in the palm of your hand. They make up two parts, the body where the battery sits and the pod where the e-liquid goes. Unlike other vapes with rechargeable batteries taken out of the device, pod systems have internal batteries charged via USB cable. They are also low wattage devices, which means the battery can last a couple of days before recharging.  

There are two kinds of pod systems open and closed pod systems. Open- pod systems have refillable cartridges and pods that allow the user to fill it with both traditional e-juice and nicotine salts. Closed-pod systems use disposable pods and cartridges that once they run out of e juice must be thrown out, and new pre-filled pods and cartridges must be bought. In this article, when we refer to pod systems, we'll refer to open pod systems. 

Pod systems, along with nicotine salts, were created to mimic cigarette smoking. Before their creation, vapes used traditional nicotine (or freebase nicotine) that takes longer to take effect. Although both nicotine salts and freebase nicotine are used today, new vapers often cite pod systems and nicotine salts as an experience closer to smoking.  

What are Disposables?

Disposables are, as their name states, disposable vape devices that once used are tossed away. They come in a large variety of sizes and flavors and usually do not have a firing button but are draw-activated, which means they are activated as soon as you inhale. Like pod systems, they are also extremely portable and are perfect for travel. Like pod systems, they also have internal batteries, but they can not be charged. 

Disposables are popular with all levels of vapers for their convenience and because they come in many different flavors. There is a wide variety of disposable vape flavors, and if there is an ejuice for it there is probably a flavored disposable vape pen of that flavor. Most disposables nowadays use nicotine salts, which also makes them ideal with new vapers.

Now that you know you learned a bit more about each of these devices, let's see how they compare with each other regarding performance, price, convenience, and maintenance.

The Difference in Performance

If we were to compare pod systems and disposables based on performance, pod systems would win, but by a slight margin since it almost always comes down to the pod system model or disposable.

There are disposables in the market that perform admirably and provide remarkable inhalations full of flavor. Still, pod systems are manufactured for repeated use, and this is what gives them the cutting edge. However, it all depends on the pod system's model and the manufacturer, as stated above. 

The Difference in Price

The difference in price between pod systems and disposables is pretty stark, and pod systems end up being cheaper. Although pod systems have a higher upfront cost than disposables, pod systems end up being more cost-effective in the long run. You can buy large bottles of e-juice and fill your device yourself instead of disposables, which, after usage, need to be thrown out. 

While a pod system can last months with the same e-juice, disposables will probably run out of e-juice in a few days and need replacing. A purchase of $4-7 dollars (the price of disposables) every two days can add up to a lot in a single month, while pod systems cost $20-30 dollars for the device and $10-20 dollars for a bottle nic salts that will last up to a month or more. 

The Difference in Convenience

In convenience, we have to say disposables are the clear winner. You can find them almost anywhere (convenience stores & gas stations), they come pre-charged, have no buttons, and once you're done with them, you can toss them out and buy new ones. 

While pod systems, at least when you first buy them, need to be charged, they also need to be filled with e juice, which requires that you buy a bottle of traditional or nic salts bottle, which depending on where you live, will mean that you have to drive to a vape shop or buy the e juice online which can take a couple of days to be shipped.   

Although disposables win in overall convenience, we have to say there is a draw regarding portability. They are both slim and easy to carry and can fit in any hand, pocket, or purse. So they are both very convenient when it comes to carrying them around.

The Difference in Maintenance

Again, if we compared both devices on maintenance, disposables would win. Since there are no moving parts, there is no maintenance required at all. You inhale them, and you're good to go. Although a thousand times easier to maintain than, say, box mods, pod systems require more care.

You need to charge them every few days for pod systems, fill them with e-juice, and sometimes replace the refillable pods or cartridges they come with. After numerous uses, they will begin to clog up as they retain some of the past e-juice.


As you can see, pod systems win at performance and price, but disposables take the cake when it comes to convenience and maintenance. If you're still undecided a which to get, we would suggest that if you never vaped before but want to try, reach for a disposable to see if you like the experience. If you have already vape and are looking for a starter device, an open-pod system might be the best option for you. 


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