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OXBar Vape Review - Our Favorite Flavors and Models for 2024

Experience the best flavors and exceptional models that OXBar has to offer so far this year. With options like the G8000 and Magic Maze Pro 10000 disposable vapes and flavors ranging from Mad Blue to Watermelon Remix Ice, OXBar provides, interesting, unique, and high-quality vaping for all our vaping preferences. 

Today we’re going to learn a bit about the top features and favorite flavors of these two popular models. We’ll include the large pre-filled tanks and long rechargeable batteries. 

We will discover which of the fruity, minty, or classic tobacco blends stand out as the most popular and highest-rated by most vapers this year. We believe once you read what we’ve learned you’ll understand why OXBar is a disposable vape brand becoming ever more popular.

As it is already a leading disposable brand, OXBar's early 2024 lineup offers exceptional performance and taste. Let this guide provide the details you need to pick the perfect OXBar vape and flavor for you.

OXBar Vape Overview for 2024

OXBar G8000

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G8000 Model - 8000 Puffs of Vaping Bliss

The G8000 disposable vape from OXBar is a powerhouse device that provides an incredible 8000 puffs. With its built-in 650mAh battery and a 1.2ohm coil, the OxBar G8000 produces satisfying puffs and bold flavor with each inhale.

Rechargeable Battery Life

The integrated 650mAh battery provides extreme longevity, allowing for days of consistent vaping before needing to recharge (depending on how much you vape, of course). The Type-C charging port allows for fast recharging when the time comes. For those looking to vape heavily throughout the day, the G8000 is an ideal choice.

Variety of Flavors

OXBar offers over 15 flavors for the G8000, with options ranging from fruity and refreshing to minty and tobacco-inspired. Flavors like Mad Blue, Cool Mint, and Virginia Tobacco provide crisp, bold flavors, while options such as Mango Peach, Kiwi Passion Guava, and Blueberry Ice offer bright, naturally inspired flavors. 

With so many flavors to choose from, vapers can switch between flavors to prevent flavor fatigue.

Simplicity and Convenience

As a disposable vape, the G8000 requires no maintenance or coil changes. Simply start vaping out of the box and continue until the e-liquid is depleted. The draw-activated firing mechanism provides instant vapor on inhale, with no buttons to press. For those seeking a fuss-free vaping experience, the G8000 disposable vape is an excellent choice.

It's extended battery life with Type-C recharging, a variety of flavor options, and a simple disposable design, the G8000 from OXBar is ideal and affordable. For an all-day vape that requires no maintenance, the G8000 disposable vape is hard to beat.

Magic Maze Pro 10000 – Next-Level Vaping Experience

OXBar Magic Maze Pro 10000

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Exceptional Battery Life Through Recharging

The OXBar Magic Maze Pro 10000 vape features an integrated 650mAh battery that provides an unmatched vaping experience with approximately 10,000 puffs per device. 

This 650mAh battery eliminates the frustration of a dying vape mid-day and provides consistent power through recharges until the 18ml of 5% nicotine salt e-liquid is fully depleted. The powerful battery also produces dense vapor with each puff using the 1.2ohm mesh coil.

Quality Flavor Selection

OXBar’s Magic Maze Pro line offers a premium selection of flavors to suit every taste. Options like Blueberry Strawberry Dragonfruit, Rainbow Blast, and Watermelon Remix Ice provide a burst of fruit flavor with each puff. 

For those who prefer a minty vape, Strawberry Kiwi Ice delivers a blast of cool menthol with every draw. With 10 flavors to choose from, the Magic Maze Pro 10000 vape has something for everyone.

Disposable and Rechargeable

While the Magic Maze Pro 10000 vape is disposable, the integrated 650mAh battery is rechargeable using the included Type-C charging cable. This provides maximum performance since the battery can be recharged multiple times before the e-liquid is fully depleted. 

The vape is also draw-activated, so there are no buttons to press. Simply take a puff to activate the battery and produce vapor.

Unmatched Value

With 10,000 puffs per vape and a premium selection of flavors, the OXBar Magic Maze Pro 10000 disposable vape offers unmatched value for vapers. The rechargeable battery provides longevity not found in smaller disposable vapes, and the variety of flavor options suits any taste or mood. 

For a top-notch vaping experience without the hassle of refilling or changing coils, the Magic Maze Pro 10000 vape delivers.

Best OXBar Flavors - Our Favorites Reviewed

Fantastic Fruit Flavors

When it comes to fruit-forward e-liquid flavors, OXBar flavors have some of the best options on the market. Their Sakura Grape combines notes of sweet cherry and grape for a candy-like vape that is bursting with flavor. 

The Kiwi Passion Guava provides an exotic tropical blend of kiwi, passionfruit, and guava that is as refreshing as an island breeze. For those who prefer a tangy twist, the Cranberry Lemon Ice blends tart cranberry with zesty lemon and a cooling menthol finish.

Mouthwatering Minty Flavors

OXBar also offers several mint-infused e-liquids for those seeking an icy, refreshing vape. Their Cool Mint provides a brisk peppermint flavor reminiscent of candy canes. 

The Lemon Mint combines zesty lemon with cooling mint for an invigorating citrus blend. The strongest mint option is the Blueberry Ice, which blends sweet blueberry with an arctic blast of menthol for a truly frosty vape.

Classic Tobacco Flavors

For vapers craving the rich, nutty flavor of tobacco, OXBar produces traditional tobacco e-liquids. Their Virginia Tobacco provides a mellow, slightly sweet tobacco reminiscent of fine cigars. 

The Tobacco Trio offers a more robust blend of three distinctive tobaccos - Virginia, Burley, and Turkish. These full-bodied tobacco flavors are perfect for vapers transitioning from cigarettes to e-cigs or those who simply enjoy classic tobacco vapes.

In summary, OXBar produces a wide array of e-liquid flavors to suit any taste or mood. Whether you prefer fruity and refreshing, icy and minty, or traditional tobacco blends, OXBar has high-quality e-juice options that will delight your palate. 

With so many incomparable flavors to choose from, you may just find a new all-day vape. 


You have now read about the best that OXBar has to offer in early 2024. With a wide range of flavors across the G8000 and Magic Maze Pro 10000 models, you can find the perfect vape to suit your preferences. 

Fruity, minty, or classic tobacco flavors, the OXBar delivers satisfaction in every puff. We hope we have shed light on the high-quality construction and ingredients that make OXBar a top contender. 

Let the vapors flow and enjoy the premium flavor with every single inhale. Can OXBar impress even the pickiest vaper? We bet it can. Find out by ordering a few of your favorite flavors and find out for yourself.

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