Product Battle: VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape VS. Beard Vape Co Disposable Device

Product Battle: VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape VS. Beard Vape Co Disposable Device

In today’s blog we pit the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape against the Beard Vape Co Disposable Device to see which one is better. Which one will come out on top and which one will be left behind? Read on to find out. 

Table of Contents:

  1. What is A Disposable Vape or Device?
  2. VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape
  3. Beard Vape Co Disposable Device
  4. The Difference in Features
  5. The Difference in Specs
  6. The Difference in Flavors
  7. The Difference in Performance
  8. The Difference in Convenience
  9. The Difference in Price
  10. Conclusion

What is a Disposable Vape or Device?

A disposable vape or disposable device is a type of vape that can only be used once. They have several advantages over regular refillable devices, especially when compared to box mods. They tend to be lighter, smaller and require less upkeep, which makes them perfect for travel and to is used on the weekends when you still want to vape but don’t want to carry your bigger box mod in your pocket. Now that you know what disposables are, let us introduce you to the two disposable devices we’ll be comparing: the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape vs. the Beard Vape Co Disposable Device. 

VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape


VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape


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Let’s start with the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape. This disposable has a lot of great things going for it: it is available in 15 flavors, can be bought as a single or a ten pack, holds 11ml of vape juice, has an impressive 3000+ puffs, comes with the standard 50mg of nicotine salts, and has adjustable airflow control. This product is currently on sale for $14.99 but the price may change. Also it is non-refillable and non-rechargeable and there’s no mention of the mAhs for the battery. 

Beard Vape Co Disposable Device


Beard Vape Co Disposable Device


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The Beard Vape Co Disposable Device is available in a 10 pack, has 50mg of nicotine salts per device, 3ml of e-liquid per disposable, approximately 1000+ puffs, and a fully integrated 550 mAh battery. It’s also compact and lightweight and easily fits in your pocket. It’s also available in five flavors. Finally, just like the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape, it is not rechargeable and you can’t refill it. And let’s put these two devices head to head to see which one comes out on top. It currently costs $11.99 but this price is subject to change. 

The Difference in Features

If we are talking about added features that new disposable devices come with, you have to include adjustable airflow and the ability to be recharged so none of the vape juice is wasted. Since neither of these devices can be recharged, it comes down to adjustable airflow, and we have to say that, in terms of extra features, the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape pulls ahead since the Beard Vape Co Disposable Device does not have any features that separate it from the rest of the other disposable devices. 

The Difference in Specs

Here again we have to say that VaporTech has the advantage. With almost 2000+ more puffs in each device, and with 9ml extra of e-liquid, VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape seems to be the clear winner in this category. However, we will say that the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape does not state how powerful their battery is, which is an extremely important component that can determine the lifespan on the device, so it’s something to consider. 

The Difference in Flavors

Now let’s get down to one of the main reasons why people choose disposables, the variety of flavors. And if we were to go by numbers alone, the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape would win since it offers 15 flavors, 10 more than Beard Vape Co Disposable Device. However, it’s important to discuss not only how many flavors each has but also if they’re difficult to acquire. How decadent or robust are their flavors? And more importantly, are you going to love them? 

Let’s start with some flavors that might be difficult to acquire. The VaporTech Cube is impressive in the fact that it offers Coffee, Energy (which we assume is an energy drink flavor), and Fresas Con Crema, a strawberries and cream dessert flavor. While the Beard Vape Co Disposable Device also offers Blueberry Cake, Strawberry Kiwi, and trifecta fruit medley of Pineapple Orange Tangerine, we can safely say each brand has unique difficult to acquire flavors. 

Both of these brands have spent long periods of time perfecting their eliquids, and both provide really rich, intense flavors that you will love. But again, it will depend on your likes and what flavors you find more appealing. Both of these companies started as vape juice companies, so they know a thing or two about creating flavors the public will like. 

Although VaporTech has ten more flavors, we have to say this contest is a draw since both provide what vapers are looking for: good flavors that can be vaped all day. 

The Difference in Performance

When it comes to performance, we think the Beard Vape Co Disposable Device hits a bit better than the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape simply for the fact that for those who don’t know how to use the adjustable airflow setting, you could end up with a very weak hit that creates zero clouds, while the performance of the Beard Vape Co Disposable Device is always intense and creates a decent amount of clouds for a disposable. So in terms of performance, our vote goes to Beard Vape Co, which always produces a very strong hit. 

The Difference in Convenience

When it comes to convenience, again we think that the Beard Vape Co takes the cake ( blueberry cake, get it? Nevermind.) for the simple reason that it is smaller and lighter. While the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape might carry 12ml of vape juice, this also works against it since it makes it bigger, less portable, and heavier. So in terms of convenience, the Beard Vape Co Disposable Device will be easier to transport  than the VaporTech Cube which is almost as big as a pod mod. 

The Difference in Price

To conclude, we have to talk about price. To give you a refresher, the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape currently costs $14.99, while the Beard Vape Co Disposable Device has a price tag of $11.99. If we were to consider the specs of the VaporTech Cube we see that you would get more vape juice for less, however, we also have to take into account performance which the Beard Vape Co Disposable Device does a little better than the VaporTech Cube. In short, we would have another draw in the price category. 


All in all, you can’t go wrong with either of these devices. They are both moderately priced, offer some delicious flavors, and perform admirably. If you are thinking of buying either one, we would suggest that you weigh the pros and the cons. For us it comes down to what you want to get out of the device. If you want more puffs, buy the VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape.If you want better performance, buy the Beard Vape Co Disposable Device. However, remember that this is only our opinion and in reality, if you are looking for a disposable that can substitute your main setup for a few days, either of these will do a great job.


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