What is a Pod Mod? A Short Guide

What is a Pod Mod? A Short Guide

Pod mod vapes are all the rage now. But what exactly makes these devices different from other vapes and how do they work? In today’s blog, we take a closer look at pod mods and give you the lowdown on what they are and how they work. But before we can explain what a real pod mod is, we first have to explain what pod systems and box mods are. So let’s start with pod systems. 

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Pod System?
  2. What is a Box Mod?
  3. What is a Pod Mod?
  4. What Features Does a Pod Mod Typically Have?
  5. How Do Pod Mods Work?
  6. Pod Mods that eJuiceDB offers
  7. Conclusion

What is a Pod System?

A pod system is the smallest refillable vaping device currently available. They are usually shaped like a rectangular cigarette, however, you will find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but their overall size will always remain small since this is a key feature of pod systems. Also called vape pods, these small devices can either use cartridges that come with vape juice or use empty cartridges that one can fill with vape juice. They are low-powered and use nicotine salts or vape juices that have 50VG/50PG ratios. They also only consist of two parts, the cartridge or pod, and the system itself which holds the rechargeable battery. They also happen to be much more convenient than Box Mods, which as we will explain in the portion below are much bigger and require more upkeep. 

What are Box Mods?

Box Mods are perhaps the biggest type of vape device available. While they can fit in one hand, you’ll have a harder time fitting them in your pocket. Also unlike pod systems, they have more moving parts. They consist of a drip tip, an atomizer (or tank), a mod, batteries, and a coil. Although this makes them a bit more complicated and expensive, they can also be customized which can really contribute to the overall vaping experience. They also happen to be way more powerful than pod systems which makes them ideal for vaping vape juices that have a high vegetable glycerin ratio like 70VG/30PG and upwards. 

What is a Pod Mod?

A Pod Mod is a device that’s a combination between a pod system and a box mod. It features an in-between size, with the power capacity of a box mod. In essence, it uses cartridges that can be filled with vape juice, very much like a pod system, but you have more space for e-liquid and the mod is way more powerful, allowing you to vape both nicotine salts and vape juices that have a high ratio of vegetable glycerin. Because they have a bigger body (but not bigger than a box mod) they also have better battery life but they don’t have as many moving parts as box mods. It is the middle-of-the-road option for vapers who want to vape bigger clouds, but don’t want the hassle of a full-sized box mod. 

What Features Does a Pod Mod Typically Have?

There are many features that might be found in pod mods. Some of these include:

  • Variable wattage settings that allow you to control the power
  • Replaceable coils that allow you to vape either nic salts or traditional vape juice
  • Smaller in size when compared to high wattage box mods
  • Stronger materials than those found in pod systems

How Do Pod Mods Work?

Pods Mods work like a combination of pod systems and box mods. The cartridges (or pods) that they use come equipped with replaceable coils that can be interchanged depending on what type of nicotine you plan on using. For nicotine salts, you’ll want to use coils that have a 1.2ohm resistance, while for vape juice you want anything that is lower than 0.6ohm. Once you have selected the coil you want to use, fill the pod with the nic salts or traditional vape juice. 

You’ll then want to insert it and choose the temperature. Usually, for nicotine salts, you should go as high as 15 watts and not higher. If you do go higher, the nicotine will burn faster and might give you a nasty headache since nicotine will quickly rush into your bloodstream.  For traditional vape juice, you’ll want to check the coil. Usually, sub-ohm, or direct-to-lung coils (DTL), will have a recommended wattage setting written under the coil which can vary depending on the pod mod and the tank you use. 

Next, you’ll want to configure the settings by adjusting the wattage in the LED screen that will be found in the pod mod. Once that’s done all you have to do is press the firing button and inhale. 

Pod Mods that eJuiceDB offers

Below you can find our recommendation for one of the best pod mods. Remember that you can also browse the devices section and look for more devices that match your needs by clicking here

Sigelei Humvee 80W Starter Kit


Sigelei Humvee 80W Starter Kit


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Available in ten different colors, the Sigelei Humvee 80W Starter Kit comes equipped with two FOG Coils that are perfect for traditional vape juice and are compatible with VOOPOO PnP Coils that allow for MTL vaping and can evaporate vape juices with nicotine strengths of 35mg or below (or nic salts that have 25mg). It also has a powerful wattage range of 5W all the way to 80W. It holds 5ml of vape juice in the tank and is powered by a single 18650 battery that will last you for days. Be aware though that the battery does not come with the starter kit. All in all, this is a great starter pod mod for anyone interested in buying a pod mod. Do remember that if you want to vape nic salts, you need a VOOPOO Pnp Coil that allows for MTL vaping. 


We hope that with this short guide to pod mods, you understand better these new devices that seem to be popping up in the market in 2022. Remember that if you’re looking to vape both nicotine salts and vape juice you need the right mod that has high wattage and the right coils that have the right resistance.


EjuiceDB articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them. Furthermore, Vaping products and nicotine use are only meant for persons over the age of 21.

Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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