Space Mary SM8000 Review

The Space Mary SM8000 Exceptional Vape Experience: Flavors & Feature

Introducing the Space Mary SM8000 Disposable Vape

The Space Mary SM8000 is a disposable vape device that provides an exceptional vaping experience with its fantastic features and mouth-watering flavors. This lightweight yet sturdy vape comes pre-filled with 18mL of 50mg nic salt e-liquid and has an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery to keep you vaping for up to 8,000 puffs.

Features & Specs

The Space Mary SM8000 has an array of features that provide convenience and customization. It has a built-in battery so you can start vaping right out of the box. The large e-liquid capacity (18mL) and high puff count mean you can enjoy this device for a long time without needing a refill or recharge (You only need to recharge when the battery gets low). An LED screen shows your remaining e-liquid and battery levels so you know when it's time for a recharge or replacement.

Flavor Options

With 18 flavors to choose from, there's something for every taste. Fruity flavors include Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango and more. For a refreshing vape, try Lemonade Chill, Cali Mint or Miami Mint. Nostalgic candy flavors such as Blue Gummy, Grape Gummy and Bubblegum transport you back to childhood. Or mix fruits and mints with flavors like Blueberry Ice, Strawberry Snow Cone, and Watermelon Ice. More on the individual vape flavors below.

A Vape for Everyone

Whether you're looking for an all-day vape or just want a disposable for convenience, the Space Mary SM8000 delivers. New vapers will appreciate how easy it is to use while experienced vapers will enjoy the customization. The Space Mary SM8000 disposable vape is available for wholesale in the US, so contact a distributor to get this exceptional device for your customers. With amazing features, flavors, and an affordable price, the Space Mary SM8000 is a vape for vapers of all kinds.

Overview of the Space Mary SM8000's Features

When using the Space Mary SM8000, you'll immediately notice how lightweight yet sturdy it feels in your hands. This compact vape was designed to be portable and low-key, so you can enjoy up to 8,000 puffs wherever you go.

High-Tech Yet User-Friendly

Don't let the Space Mary SM8000's sleek exterior fool you - under the hood, it's packed with innovative features for an exceptional vaping experience. You could easily call the SM8000 by Lost Mary a very Smart Vape

The built-in 650mAh battery and integrated mesh coils deliver fantastic throat hit production and full, rich clouds. The draw-activated firing mechanism couldn't be simpler to use, and the screen display lets you know exactly how much e-liquid and battery life you have left so you're never caught unprepared.

The Impressive Battery Life of the SM8000

The built-in 650mAh rechargeable battery of the SM8000 provides an exceptional vaping experience that lasts up to 8,000 puffs on a single charge. That’s almost double the average disposable vape’s battery life. With its Type-C charging port, the SM8000 only takes about an hour to fully recharge once the battery is depleted.

Long-lasting and Reliable

The SM8000’s high-capacity battery means you’ll spend less time recharging and more time enjoying delicious puffs. You can vape steadily throughout the day without worrying about the battery dying after just a few hours. The SM8000’s battery also holds a charge very well when not in use, so you can take it with you on trips without recharging for days.

Safe and Convenient

The SM8000’s built-in battery is designed to be safely recharged and provide consistent power delivery. You'll never have to handle loose batteries or a clunky external charger. Just plug in the sleek USB-C cable to recharge and you're set. The SM8000 also has multiple safety mechanisms to prevent issues like overcharging, overheating or short circuiting.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

Choosing a rechargeable vape device like the SM8000 is better for the environment as well. Its long-lasting battery means less waste from disposable vapes ending up in landfills. And by recharging instead of constantly replacing, you'll save money in the long run. The SM8000 is a sustainable, eco-friendly option for an enjoyable vaping experience with minimal environmental impact.

To summarize, the SM8000’s high-capacity, rechargeable battery provides an exceptional vaping experience that is long-lasting, reliable, safe, convenient, and eco-friendly. The SM8000 is the ideal choice for vapers looking for a disposable vape that ticks all the boxes.

Exploring the 18 Delicious Flavors of Space Mary

Space Mary Vape SM8000

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The Space Mary SM8000 disposable vape comes in a variety of 18 flavors to suit any taste. With options ranging from fruity and refreshing to minty and chill, you’ll easily find an all-day vape flavor to enjoy.

Fruity Flavors

If you prefer light, fruity flavors, the Blueberry Ice, Blue Razz, Cherry Razz Ice and Triple Berries options offer a mix of berry flavors cooled by a menthol finish. The Blue Gummy and Grape Gummy flavors recreate classic candy flavors in vape form. For a tropical twist, the Kiwi Pom Mango mixes kiwi, pomegranate and mango.

Minty Flavors

To freshen your vape with mint, try the Cali Mint, Miami Mint or Lemonade Chill. The Cali Mint provides a straightforward crisp mint flavor, while Miami Mint feels like an invigorating breeze. For a citrusy mint, the Lemonade Chill combines lemonade and mint.

Chilled Flavors

Two flavors provide an extra chilled vape experience. The Strawberry Ice and Watermelon Ice flavors recreate the sensation of frozen fruit. The Strawberry Snowcone takes it a step further by capturing the essence of a carnival treat.

Classic Flavors

For vapers who prefer classic flavors, the Razzalada provides a straightforward raspberry flavor. The Strawberry Kiwi pairs two familiar fruits. To combine the best of both worlds, the Strazz mixes raspberry and strawberry.

With 18 flavors to choose from, the Space Mary SM8000 disposable vape offers something for every taste. No matter which flavor you prefer, you'll enjoy an exceptional vape experience with fantastic throat hit production and up to 8,000 puffs per device. 

The Smooth Draw and Flavor Production via its Integrated Mesh Coils

The Space Mary SM8000 utilizes integrated mesh coils to produce an exceptionally smooth and flavorful vaping experience. The coils heat the e-liquid evenly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy up to 8,000 puffs per device.

Massive Flavor Production

The mesh coils maximize the surface area that comes into contact with the e-liquid, resulting in huge flavor production. Each puff bursts with authentic, candy-like flavor that lasts from start to finish. The coils are designed to bring out the nuances in each of the many flavor profiles so you can enjoy the tartness of the Blue Razz or the tropical blend of Kiwi Pom Mango.

The mesh coils also provide an incredibly smooth and satisfying draw. There is minimal resistance when you inhale, allowing the vapor to flow freely with each puff. The draw feels airy and effortless, even when taking longer inhales. The mesh technology helps prevent any spitback or flooding, so each hit is consistently pleasant.

Long-Lasting Power

Although the Space Mary SM8000 is a disposable device, its integrated 650mAh battery provides enough power for days of use. The mesh coils are efficient, allowing the battery to last through thousands of puffs before losing performance. You can enjoy this exceptional vaping experience for the entire 8,000 puffs without needing to recharge or swap out the battery.

The Space Mary SM8000’s mesh coil technology produces huge clouds of flavor and an incredibly satisfying draw in a compact, disposable device. With 18 flavors to choose from and a long-lasting integrated battery, this vape offers an experience that is truly out of this world. The Space Mary SM8000 is the ultimate disposable vape for flavor-chasers and cloud-makers alike.

Convenience and Portability of the SM8000

The Space Mary SM8000 is the ultimate in convenience and portability. This compact device easily fits in your pocket or purse, so you can vape whenever and wherever you like.

Fully Charged and Ready to Go

The SM8000 comes pre-charged and filled with 18mL of e-liquid, so it’s ready to use right out of the box. The built-in 650mAh battery provides power for up to 8,000 puffs before needing a recharge. When it does come time to recharge, just plug the Type-C charging cable into the port at the bottom of the device. In under an hour, your SM8000 will be fully juiced up and ready for more vaping adventures.

An Exceptional Vape Experience

Despite its small size, the SM8000 produces a fantastic throat hit and full vapor production. The integrated mesh coil and draw-activated firing mechanism make vaping simple. Just inhale through the extended mouthpiece to activate the device and enjoy the flavor and vapor.

Perfect for New Vapers

The SM8000 is ideal for new vapers or anyone looking for a simple, fuss-free vaping experience. There are no settings to adjust or coils to change. The draw-activated firing mechanism provides an intuitive vape experience that just works. 

The compact size and pre-filled, disposable design mean zero mess or maintenance. If you’re looking for an affordable, convenient way to try vaping, the Space Mary SM8000 is the perfect place to start.

Overall, the SM8000 offers an exceptional vape experience in a portable package. With a range of delicious flavors, long battery life and draw-activated convenience, this device makes vaping simple for new and experienced vapers alike. The SM8000 is available for wholesale purchase, allowing vape shops and other retailers to offer this premium disposable vape to their customers.

Our Favorite Space Mary SM8000 Flavors

Blueberry Ice

This flavor is like biting into a freshly picked blueberry that’s been chilled on ice. The sweet and tangy blueberry flavor is enhanced by a mentholated coolness for a refreshing vape experience. If you enjoy minty or icy vapes, Blueberry Ice should be at the top of your list.

Strawberry Kiwi

Two of the juiciest summer fruits—strawberries and kiwis—have been blended to perfection in this flavor. With each puff, you get the familiar sweet strawberry flavor followed by the tropical tang of kiwi. This flavor is a vacation for your taste buds and reminds us of sipping fruit punch on the beach.

Cali Mint

This flavor embodies the freshness of garden-grown mint. Each puff delivers a crisp, clean mint flavor with subtle earthy undertones. If the refreshing taste of mint gum or breath mints fits your bill, Cali Mint will satisfy that craving in vapor form. The minty flavor is bold but not overpowering, striking the perfect balance.

Watermelon Ice

Quench your thirst with the sweetness of fresh watermelon that’s been frosted over. This flavor captures the essence of biting into a chilled watermelon slice on a hot summer day. The watermelon flavor is authentic and refreshing while a mentholated finish provides an icy cool sensation with each puff.

Overall, with 18 flavors to choose from, there is something for every taste with the Space Mary SM8000. Whether you prefer the refreshing coolness of the fruit and mint blends or the nostalgic sweetness of the candy-inspired flavors, this device delivers an exceptional vape experience in a variety of flavor profiles. The Space Mary SM8000 is available to wholesalers for distribution, so you may be able to find these amazing flavors at your local vape shop.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Space Mary Disposable Vape

To experience this disposable vape at its finest, follow these tips.

First, choose a flavor you love. With 18 flavors ranging from fruity and sweet to minty and refreshing, you’re sure to find an e-liquid that suits your tastes. Once you’ve selected your flavor, take a few primer puffs to get the coil saturated before vaping.

When vaping, take steady draws of a few seconds each. Don’t rush it - savor the flavor and throat hit with each puff. The Space Mary SM8000 produces a very satisfying amount of vapor, so you can achieve big clouds if you prefer. But for the best experience, focus on enjoying the flavor rather than chasing clouds.

Since this is a high-nicotine device, you only need a few puffs to feel the effects of the nicotine. Don’t overdo it, especially when you first start using the Space Mary SM8000. The nicotine can cause nausea or dizziness if you vape too much too quickly. Pace yourself and listen to your body. It’s best to limit yourself to vaping for short periods a few times per day.

To keep your Space Mary SM8000 performing at its best, avoid getting e-liquid into the center air tube or on the battery contacts. Don’t leave it sitting in direct sunlight or in a very hot environment for long periods. While the built-in battery will last through about 8,000 puffs, recharging via the USB port before it’s fully drained will help preserve the life of the battery.

By following these tips, you'll be able to experience the full range of features in the Space Mary SM8000 disposable vape. The variety of bold flavors, satisfying vapor production, and compact yet powerful design all combine to create an exceptional vaping experience you can enjoy anywhere life takes you.


Bottom line - this disposable vape is one to try. With its impressive battery life, huge flavor options, and easy portability, the Space Mary SM8000 offers an exceptional vaping experience. The flavors range from fruity to minty, so you're bound to find some you love. Plus, it delivers a nice throat hit while still being smooth. At the end of the day, the SM8000 delivers on flavor, function, and affordability. And with distribution available to wholesalers, it's a product worth looking into whether you're an avid vaper yourself or looking to stock your store's shelves. Give the Space Mary SM8000 a shot - your tastebuds will thank you.

Buy Space Mary SM8000 Wholesale  

If you're in the vaping industry, the Space Mary SM8000 is available for wholesale purchase. This premium disposable vape is sure to attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

With an array of mouthwatering flavors, high-performance features and wholesale opportunities, the Space Mary SM8000 disposable vape pen offers an experience that's truly out of this world. Once you try it, you'll want to stock up so you never run out!

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