WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A True Vaping Ritual

RDA Tanks

A rebuildable drip (or dripping) atomizer is a type of atomizer used by veteran vapers requiring that the user manually drip e-juice directly to the coils and wick. It’s called rebuildable because it requires that the user builds their coils. 

There are many advantages to rebuildable dripping atomizers. For example, they create a smoother and stronger taste (since the e juice directly applies to the coil and wick). Another advantage of an RDA is that cloud production is better, allowing for plumes of clouds. Since only a few drops of e-juice are used, you can easily switch to another flavor of e-juice without changing its taste. It would be impossible if you used a regular tank since you would need to wash the tank. 

We should note that RDAs are only for advanced vapers who understand coil resistance, knowledge of Ohm’s law, and electrical currents.

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