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RTA Tanks

A rebuildable tank atomizer is an atomizer requiring the user to build the coil and the wick. They are different from rebuildable dripping atomizers because they don’t need to drip vape juice directly to the coil. Instead, this atomizer’s mode of action is that it has a tank of e-liquid that is continuously feeding the wick and the coil.

A rebuildable tank atomizer comprises the following parts: a drip tip, a cap, a chimney, a glass tube, a chamber, a deck, and a base section. The deck holds the coil and wick, which are inside the chamber. RTAs work by pressure and gravity. Since the coils and wick are surrounded (but encased by the chamber) by the tank full of e-liquid, the e-juice reaches the bottom, then rises, where openings at the bottom of the chamber meet the e-liquid. The wick ends are in these openings, and the e-juice travels to the coils, turning it into vapor. 

Some of the advantages of rebuildable tank atomizers are that unlike RDAs, you don’t have to be dripping e juice liquid to the coils and wick continually. They also give you a close approximation of the taste profile and cloud production of RDAs. And it’s even cheaper in the long run since you use your materials to built coils. 

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