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BREAKING - Vaping is saved! - Happy New Year 01/01/2020

BREAKING - Vaping is saved! - Happy New Year 01/01/2020

Breaking news out of Washington DC tonight. The Federal Government plans on restricting pod / cartridge based systems to tobacco and menthol while exempting "open tank based" systems completely. The Wall Street Journal was the first news organization to report the news today. They stated that 
The Food and Drug Administration plans to ban the sale of fruity flavors in cartridge-based e-cigarettes, but the restriction won’t apply to tank vaping systems commonly found at vape shops, according to people familiar with the matter.

Officials stated that Flavored liquid nicotine used in open tank systems can continue to be sold, according to two administration officials who have been briefed on the plan. It is an important concession to vape shops that have thrived alongside the booming e-cigarette business in recent years.

In addition, disposables and refillable vapes have been exempt from the ban per FDA legislation, "An example of products that would not be captured by this definition include completely self-contained, disposable products." This is huge for vape shops because at the moment all information points towards only flavored pods and mint pods being banned. 

President Trump urged the nation that we need to take care of the vape industry, saying specifically that

“We think we are going to get back in the market very, very quickly,” “We have a very big industry. We’re going to take care of the industry.”

Congratulations everyone and welcome to 2020! 

We will continue to update our blog with any new announcements and information.

Pod Systems and Refills will continue to be sold until further notice. 

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