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How To Fix a “No Atomizer” or “Check Atomizer” Sign In Your Vape: 7 Quick Fixes

how to Fix a “No Atomizer” sign

Andres Roman |

Of all problems you might encounter when vaping, on top of the list is getting a “No Atomizer” or “Check Atomizer” sign on your vape. If this is the first time you are dealing with this problem, no need to worry, there are a couple of solutions you can try that will fix your device and will get you back to vaping instantly. 

Table of Contents:

  1. What Does it Mean When There is a “Check Atomizer” or “No Atomizer” sign?
  2. Disconnect Your Tank from the Mod
  3. Change out the Tank and the Mod 
  4. Checking Your Mod’s 510 Connector
  5. Check Your Coil
  6. None of the Solutions Worked What Now?
  7. Conclusion

What Does it Mean When There is a “Check Atomizer” or “No Atomizer” sign?

A “No Atomizer” sign in your mod can mean many things, but most of the time, it means that your box mod is not making a connection with your tank, coil, or atomizer head. This message will always appear if you press the firing button on a mod without a tank. However, sometimes, even when the tank and mod appear to be connected, there could be something preventing them from entirely making the connection.

In the following sections, we’ll go over some quick fixes that should address this issue and will get you back to vaping as soon as possible. 

Disconnect Your Tank from the Mod

The first thing you should do is disconnect your tank from the mod. Once you have done that and still see the message on your mod, turn it off and turn it back on. This simple solution of turning off your vape with the tank disconnected should fix the issue; if this doesn’t work, proceed with the next solution. 

Change out the Tank and the Mod

If you own multiple tanks and mods, the second step would be to ensure that your mod and tank work properly. To do this, all you do is change the tank for a new one. If you change the old tank with a new one, the message disappears from your mod, which could mean that your old tank is the problem. If the message still appears with a new tank, it could mean that your mod is the problem. 

To make sure your tank is the problem, connect it to another mod, and if the message appears, you know for sure it is the tank. If your tank is the issue, there are two things you can do. Check the contacts on the tank or check the coil. 

If you do not own any other devices, follow the instructions below and check to see if any of them fixes the problem. 

Check the Tank Contacts

With daily use and as time goes by, your 510 connectors can be filled with dirt and gunk, causing them not to connect properly. This could be the reason why you are now getting a “No Atomizer” or “Check Atomizer” message in your vape. Thankfully the solution to this is simple. 

Remove the tank from the mod and check the threading where it connects to the mod. Do the same with the 510 connector. Clean the contacts and thread with a paper towel if there is gunk and debris. Once they are cleaned, tighten the tank back to the mod. This should fix the problem. If not, move onto the next step, adjusting the tank’s 510 pin.

Adjust the Tank’s 510 Pin

If debris and gunk weren’t the problems, then you’ll have to adjust the tank’s 510 pin. To do this, you have to unscrew the base of your tank. Inside the base of the tank, usually inside the airflow control, there should be a plate. Push this plate down to make the 510 pin pop out. If it does not pop out, turn the plate until the pin sticks out from the bottom. Now that the pin is out, this should fix your problem. Screw the tank back to the mod and see if it works. 

Checking Your Mod’s 510 Connector

If your tank's 510 connector pin is not the problem, then you'll have to check your mod's 510 connector. To do this, you'll have to unscrew the tank from the mod and take a look at the mod's 510 connector. Just like the 510 pin in the tank, it could be stuck or not reaching the pin. To loosen it, you'll need to use a screwdriver to gently press down on the connector (since most of the connectors are spring-loaded, this should loosen it). This should fix the problem, but if not, it's time to check the coil. 

Check Your Coil

Sometimes the reason you see the “No Atomizer” message is because there is a problem with the coil. To check the coil for issues, you’ll first want to clean it. To do this, you’ll have to take the tank apart as if you were changing the coil. Once you have the coil by itself, you’ll want to clean with a paper towel the threading at the bottom to connect with the tank and the tank’s threading. Then pull and twist the bottom of the coil as you did with the tank’s 510 pin. Next, assemble your coil into the tank and the tank into the mod. This should erase the message, and you should be ready to vape

None of the Solutions Worked What Now?

If none of these solutions worked, we are sorry to tell you that you might need to replace your coil, tank, or mod. Before investing in a mod, coil, or tank, we suggest you visit your local vape shop to see if they can fix it. 


A “Check Atomizer” or “No Atomizer” message could bring many headaches; hopefully, however, you’ll be able to fix them with the solutions above.  


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