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How To Steep E Juice: A Quick and Easy Beginner’s Guide

How To Steep E Juice: A Quick and Easy Beginner’s Guide

Andres Roman |

Did you know there is a way to bring out even more flavor from your vape juice? It’s true, and with this method, you can bring out incredible notes that can transform your regular vape juice into all day vape. This process that enhances the flavor is called steeping, and anyone can do it. 

In this blog, we go over how to steep e juice, the various methods you can use, and how long you should steep your e-juice. So if you’re ready, let’s dive in.  

Table of Contents

  1. What is Steeping Vape Juice?
  2. Why You Should Steep
  3. How To Steep E-Juice
  4. How Long Should I Steep My E-Juice For?
  5. What is Speed Steeping? 
  6. Conclusion

 What is Steeping Vape Juice?

Steeping vape juice is the act of letting the vape juice age obtain more extraordinary flavor. It's the same concept as letting tea steep. When steeping tea, the longer you let the bag inside the water, the greater the flavor you'll obtain. 

Steeping vape juice has many benefits. By steeping vape juice, you can reduce the harshness of vape juice, create better blends when mixing vape juices, and, as we already said, create a more robust, more potent flavor.

It's important to remember that flavor is subjective and some people might find steeped juices too complex for their palette. Although the majority of people have found that steeping improves their e juices, some think the opposite. Either way, the vaping community's consensus seems to be that steeping improves vape juices, which is why you should try it out to see if it's for you.

Why You Should Steep

If you plan to make and mix your e-juice, then steeping is pivotal for your success. Since the vape juice ingredients need to blend and are very dense, steeping is critical for the recipes to work. 

Even commercial vape juices can benefit from steeping since some recipes might need to blend better. 

So, the main reason why anyone should steep vape juice is to let the ingredients in the vape juice blend to form a more uniform flavor. 

How To Steep E-Juice

Steeping E-Juice

There are three ways you can steep e-juice. The first way is steeping, the second is breathing, and the third and final way is “streathing,” which combines the first two ways into one. 

Steeping E-Juice

Steeping e-juice is relatively simple. Once you finish your vape juice mixture or acquire your vape juice from the store, all you have to do is leave it in a cool dark place, like a cabinet or drawer. The vape juice mustn’t be exposed to heat or light since this can ruin the process. Every two days, check on your vape juice and shake it thoroughly and then place it back in the cabinet. Do this process for at least a week. 

Breathing E-Juice

Breathing is an entirely different process than steeping. Breathing a vape juice requires that you let the vape juice breathe. You do this by opening the cap and leaving the vape juice open for at least 12 hours. Be careful, though; leaving a vape juice open can open the door to spills or for dirt to land inside the bottle. 

Streathing E-Juice

As you have probably guessed by now, “streathing” is a combination of placing the vape juice in a dark and cool place and also leaving the vape juice open without its cap. While this is true, the actual process has specific steps. 

To “streath” vape juice, you have to, first, run the vape juice bottle under warm water; then you’ll want to take off the cap and put the vape juice in a dark, cold place for two hours without the lid. After two hours have passed, closed the bottle and shake well and then leave it for about six hours in the drawer or cabinet. Repeat the process of shaking every six hours until 48 hours have passed. 

How Long Should I Steep My E-Juice For?

How Long Should I Steep My E-Juice For?

The question of how long you should steep your vape juice is entirely up to you and your taste. Since taste is subjective, you might prefer vape juice that has been steeped for a month or maybe fresh out of the bottle. It all depends on what you like. But a good guideline to follow, depending on the type of flavor, is the following:

  • Fruit Flavors: 24 to 48 hours
  • Tobacco Flavors: Two weeks
  • Creamy Desserts Flavors: Two weeks

Remember to try them out while you wait to see if the flavor has improved and if they need more time or are ready to go. Something else to keep in mind is that mixtures of 80PG/20VG will need less time to steep, so if your vape juice has more PG than VG, except to wait less time. 

What is Speed Steeping? 

Another method is speed steeping for impatient people who can’t wait for their vape juice to steep for two weeks. Quick steeping e-juice uses heat to speed up the steeping process. There are several ways to do this, but we’ll only go over three: the warmth bath method, the slow cooker method, and the rice method.

The Warm Bath Method

The warm bath method is simple enough. Make sure your vape juice bottles are closed tightly and put them inside a plastic bag. Once they are inside a plastic bag, put them in a bowl, pan, or sink and let them sit in the warm water. Let it steep for about five hours, dump out some of the water every hour and add warm water to maintain the temperature. After five hours have passed, you’re good to go. 

The Slow Cooker Method

This perhaps is the easiest way to speed steep. Place your vape juice inside a ziplock bag, add water to your slow cooker, and place the ziplock bag inside. Make sure to put it in the lowest heat possible, and shake the bottles every thirty minutes. More importantly, look at the color of the vape juice and taste it after 30 minutes; sometimes, that’s all you need. 

The Rice Method

The rice method requires that you heat some rice and put the vape juice bottles in the middle of the rice. This might be the most complex method to do since the rice temperature can change over time. If this happens, take out the rice's vape juice bottles, heat the rice in the microwave, and put the vape juice bottles back in the rice. Let it steep for about eight hours, and you should be good. 


Learning how to steep your e-juice is not complicated. Just remember that the best way to steep e-juice when you let the steeping process take place naturally, which means letting the vape juice sit and slowly blend its ingredients away from sunlight and heat, and for at least two to three weeks.


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