How to Vape at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

How to Vape at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

During the summer, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas unites the biggest names in electronic music under one roof and creates a one-of-a-kind music festival with massive pyrotechnic shows, theme park rides, and an impressive lineup of dozens of music artists. But can you vape at EDC Las Vegas, and can you take vapes into EDC? These and more questions will be answered in today’s blog. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Can you Bring Vapes to EDC Las Vegas?
  2. Which One Should I Bring: A Pod System or Box Mod?
  3. Products eJuiceDB Offers
  4. Extras to Bring
  5. A Word About Vape Etiquette
  6. Conclusion

Can you Bring Vapes to EDC Las Vegas?

If you are wondering if you can bring vapes into EDC Las Vegas, the answer is yes. On the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas website, under the GUIDES tab and the HOURS & INFO option, we can see that it says the following on the ACCEPTABLE ITEMS list: 

  • YES E-cigs/vapes (Refillable liquid chambers OK, must be empty upon entry. One bottle sealed/unopened E-liquid or E-juice will be permitted.)

  • Although there isn’t further clarification of what kind of vapes you can bring into EDC Las Vegas, they mention that refillable liquid chambers are okay, meaning box mods and pod systems are okay for entry. They even mention that you can bring an unsealed bottle of e-liquid with you. Whether you can bring disposables or not is up for debate, so we suggest you stick to pod systems and box mods if you plan on vaping at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. 

    Which One Should I Bring: Pod Systems or Box Mods?

    Now that you know that you can bring vapes with refillable liquid chambers, this narrows down the types of vapes you can bring to EDC Las Vegas to two kinds: pod systems and box mods. Below we’ll break down the pros and cons of each so you have a better idea of which one will be better suited for your vaping experience. 

    Box Mods Pros:

    • Holds more eliquid
    • Longer battery life
    • More choices when it comes to flavors
    • More durable
    • Uses traditional vape juices and even eliquids with high VG ratios which pod systems can not use
    • Creates more clouds
    • More intense flavor

    Box Mods Cons:

    • Bigger and bulkier
    • Less portable
    • More moving parts  
    • More expensive
    • More conspicuous 

    Pod Systems Pros:

    • Smaller and compact
    • Portable, will fit easily in a pocket
    • If you buy an open pod system, you can choose from a wide variety of nicotine salts
    • Less expensive
    • Less moving parts
    • Most pod systems don’t use any buttons, simply inhale and it works
    • Less conspicuous

    Pod Systems Cons:

    • Prone to leakage
    • If it is a closed pod system that only uses pods, fewer choices in flavors 
    • Because of its small size it’s easier to lose
    • Fewer clouds created 
    • Less battery life

    Although this is a quick breakdown of the differences between box mods and pod systems (to learn more about these types of vapes, check out our Box Mods VS Pod Systems: Which One Should You Get? blog), we hope that you get an idea of the type of vape you want to bring along. 

    Products eJuiceDB offers

    Now that we’ve broken down the two types of vapes you can bring, we want to give you two suggestions of one of the best pod systems and box mods we offer. Let’s start with the pod system. 

    Baton V2 Device Starter Kit by Baton Vapor


    Baton V2 Device Starter Kit by Baton Vapor


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    Our recommendation for an open pod system is the Baton V2 Device and its starter kit which comes with everything you’ll need to start vaping, except the nicotine salts which are sold separately. There are many things to like about this vape device. 

    For starters, it has a small yet powerful 350 mAh battery that should last you until the pod runs out of nicotine salts. It also comes with two refillable pods, meaning they can be reused over and over again and can be filled with different kinds of nicotine salts, unlike JUUL pods which come with one flavor inside and can’t be refilled. 

    The design is elegant and well thought out, small and portable, it features a premium soft-touch matte-black finish that provides a great grip and plenty of comfort. Finally, the kit comes with a micro USB charger cable that will allow you to charge it using any phone charger. The price is also great, costing almost as much as any high puff disposable; you can get a Baton V2 for only $34.99

    Sigelei SnowWolf Zephyr Vape Kit


    Sigelei SnowWolf Zephyr Vape Kit


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    If you have been thinking about getting a box mod, we recommend the Sigelei SnowWolf Zephyr Vape Kit. This is a very powerful device that comes with top-of-the-line features: a quick charge 5000mAh integrated battery  comes equipped with the advanced IFV960 chipset, and a wattage range of 5W to 200W. With these specs, you’ll be able to vape high VG vape liquids and traditional vape juices with zero problems. 

    Available in three colors, black, blue, and rainbow, the box mod comes with a MFENG UX-X1 Sub-Ohm Tank that can hold up to 5ml of eliquid which allows you to refill it via a sliding top system. Apart from this, the tank comes with a 0.17ohm WF-X1 mesh coil that will give you intense flavor and clouds galore. 

    WARNING: You should know that this vape is for sub-ohm vaping and requires a bit of knowledge and practice as a vaper just to understand the settings and how it works. If you are a complete beginner that wants an easy-to-use device, we recommend the Baton V2 pod system or any pod system. However, if you’ve been vaping for a while and want to step your game up, this box mod is for you.

    Extras to Bring

    If you plan on vaping at EDC Las Vegas, you should know that there are some extras you need to bring to have a perfect vaping session. With the crowds at the festival, it’s almost a certainty that charging stations will have long queues. This is why we recommend bringing a power bank; not only will you be able to charge your phone, you can also charge your vape, whether it’s a box mod or pod system, with a power bank so that your vape won’t die on you. 

    A Word About Vape Etiquette

    Finally, we should discuss vape etiquette. At festivals, even if they’re allowed, you should always be mindful of where you vape. While vaping in an open space probably won’t be a problem, you should be conscious of how you vape in the middle of a crowd. If you can help it, we suggest not vaping in a crowded space, since many people probably won’t like inhaling clouds of vapor. But if you can’t help it, we suggest vaping stealthily. To do this, check out our blog, Tips To Vape When Going To A Concert and read the “How to Stealth Vape” section. 


    And that pretty much sums up our tips to vape at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. If you plan on going to EDC and plan on vaping, remember to bring a power bank to keep your vape charged, and most importantly, remember to practice good vape etiquette so you and everyone around you can have the best experience possible. 


    EjuiceDB articles and blogs are meant to entertain and educate. However, we are not medical professionals and do not intend to give medical advice through them. Furthermore, Vaping products and nicotine use are only meant for persons over the age of 21.

    Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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