When To Change a Vape Coil

When To Change a Vape Coil: Signs You Need a New Coil

Knowing when to replace your coil is super important. That’s why today on the blog we are dedicating it to the most important signs signaling that you need to change your coil. From leaky vape tanks to weak vapor production, here are the most important clues you need to replace your coil

Table of Contents:

  1. Sign #1: Your Vape Tastes Dry or Burned
  2. Sign# 2: There Are Gurgling Sounds
  3. Sign #3: Weak Vapor Production
  4. Sign #4: Your Vapes Tastes Like a Different Flavor
  5. Sign #5: Your Vape Has Started Leaking
  6. Sign #6: No Atomizer Sign on Your Vape
  7. When To Change Your Vape Coil
  8. Conclusion

Sign #1: Your Vape Tastes Dry or Burned

If your vape tastes dry, there are two things you can do. First, you can try to prime your coil since the possibility exists that you might have forgotten to prime it when you loaded up your vape juice. To prime it, simply take off the coil head and apply vape juice in the openings where the wick or cotton shows. Make sure the vape juice saturates the wick completely before installing the coil again. If you prime the coil and it doesn’t work, chances are that you need to replace the coil. 

If your vape tastes burnt, there are a couple of reasons why this happens. First, it could be that you are running out of vape juice. If this is the case, check the tank and make sure you have enough vape juice. If you have enough vape juice, then you might be chain vaping and the coil is not having enough time to be saturated before each draw. 

If you have stopped chain vaping while there’s enough vape juice and you still taste that burnt, then it’s time to change the coil. 

Sign# 2: There Are Gurgling Sounds

If when you vape and you hear gurgling sounds, it most likely means that the coil has flooded, which means that you need to get rid of the excess vape juice inside the coil. To do this, simply flick the vape against the ground without letting it go a couple of times. This should clear out the vape juice. If when you vape again you still hear gurgling sounds inside the vape, then it means that the vape coil has stopped working and is no longer evaporating vape ejuice which is why it is building up inside the coil, which ultimately means you need to replace it. 

Sign #3: Weak Vapor Production

If you are not getting the same amount of clouds that you are used to, then it means that there is something wrong with the coil. As the coil slowly starts to fail (with time) it can no longer produce the same amount of heat that it used to. When this happens, it will produce less vapor due to the temperature being much lower. If this occurs, it means you need to replace the coil. 

Sign #4: Your Vapes Tastes Like a Different Flavor

Another sign that might happen when the coil needs replacing is that it will start to taste completely different from what the vape juice you are using should taste like. Whether you get absolutely no flavor or something entirely different and you are not using a brand new coil, it means that the coil is no longer working properly and needs to be replaced. 

Sign #5: Your Vape Has Started Leaking

Sometimes the vape starts leaking without any warning. There are many reasons why this happens, which can range from a broken o-ring to a cracked tank, but if the atomizer is the one that is flooded, chances are that you need a new coil. 

Sign #6: No Atomizer Sign on Your Vape

Finally, the last one is tricky, the no atomizer sign, which is a literal sign that will pop up on your vape LED screen letting you know the coil is no longer working. But this could be for a number of other reasons like the connection between the tank and mod could be dirty, the atomizer might be improperly connected, or the atomizer needs to be replaced. If you want to know all the reasons why the “no atomizer” sign shows up on your vape, we suggest you read this blog

When To Change Your Vape Coil

While there are no rules set in stone for when to change your vape coil, most coils might last anywhere from a few days to a month. How often to change a vape coil really depends on how often you vape, how often you use heavy VG vape juices, or if you chain vape.


And that’s it. We hope that with this short but simple guide, you are able to find out when exactly you need to change your coils. Remember that many of these signs happen for other reasons, so discard them first before changing your vape coil. 

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Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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