Disposable Vape Features For 2023

Disposable Features We Predict Will Appear in 2023

We believe that in 2023 there will be big changes in the vaping industry. We already wrote about the biggest trends of 2023 that we believe will shape the vaping landscape. Still, more importantly, disposables which now have held the crown as the most popular vape devices and most purchased not only at eJuiceDB but probably across all vaping, will also see an evolution. This leads us to this blog, where we attempt to predict some of the features disposables will have or will come with in 2023.  

Table of Contents:

  1. More Rechargeable Disposables
  2. Water Based Vape Juices and Disposables
  3. Longer Lasting Batteries
  4. Even Higher Puff Counts
  5. Battery Light Indicators
  6. More Refined and Complex Flavors
  7. Conclusion

More Rechargeable Disposables

Perhaps the most important feature that emerged with disposables in 2022 was disposables with rechargeable batteries. This allowed more people to enjoy the full vape juice inside their disposable since the battery dying was now a non-issue. We predict that in 2023, we will see more disposables with rechargeable batteries, and dare we say,  rechargeability becomes the new standard? Only time will tell. 

Water-Based Vape Juices and Disposables

The latest breakthrough in vaping is water-based vape juices and special devices that work in tandem with this type of vape juice. While our prediction is that more and more companies will adopt water-based vaping technology, in a sense, this is not a prediction since water-based vape juices and disposables are already here. What we predict is that the industry will slowly transform and a large portion will cater to this new technology whose creators claim makes vaping safer. 

Longer Lasting Batteries

If some companies can not compete with the rechargeable batteries that are currently dominating disposables, we believe they will use more powerful or longer-lasting batteries. This is a feature that we can expect to find in small to medium puff count disposables since many times the batteries on these devices die before all of the vape juices can be enjoyed. However, by adding more powerful batteries, these companies will be able to compete without having to add rechargeable batteries.

Even Higher Puff Counts

Disposables will try their best to continue their reign in 2023, which means creating a longer-lasting vaping experience. The only way they can do that is by increasing the puff count. By doing this, they will be able to compete with pod systems and nicotine salts, which is the logical step after disposables for anyone that is on their vaping journey. 

Battery Light Indicators

This might seem trivial, but with the rise of rechargeable batteries, there is no doubt that light battery indicators will come standard in disposables. Often times, many disposables have no way to communicate when the devices are charged and many vapers are left in the dark and simply don’t know for how long to charge their disposables. However with light indicators, this will become extremely simple and in fact, there are already some devices with this feature. We hope that in 2023 this feature will become more commonplace. 

More Refined and Complex Flavors

Because there is no doubt that vapers who want to graduate to nicotine salts and pod systems many times do it for the availability of flavors, we believe that in order for disposables to maintain their popularity they will have to offer more refined and complex flavors. It’s true that nicotine salts and nicotine salt companies can create hundreds of flavors. We think in 2023 disposable manufacturers will go above and beyond when it comes to their vape juice selection.


And that’s it, our predictions for the features that will dominate the disposable market in 2023. As always, we invite you to check out the homepage of eJuiceDB where you will find the latest deals and the current discounts running at the store. 

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