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Vape Hacks Every Vaper Should Know

Vape Hacks Every Vaper Should Know

Andres Roman |

Knowing vape hacks can be heaven-sent if you find yourself away from your local vape shop or far from home. From fixing a stuck tank that simply won’t unscrew to quickly getting rid of vaper’s tongue, in the following blog, we talk about some of the most important vape hacks every vaper should know. So if you’re ready, let’s get started. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Using a Rubber Band to Unscrew Your Tank
  2. Using Scissors to Unscrew Your Tank
  3. Carry Around A Vape Bag
  4. Carry Around A Cleaning Cloth
  5. Using a Safety Pin or a Piece of Wiring To Poke Holes in Your Coil
  6. Do You Have Vaper’s Tongue? Use Coffee or Try Lemons
  7. Fix a “No Atomizer” Sign By Pulling the Pin That Connects To The Mod

Using a Rubber Band to Unscrew Your Tank

The first hack we will talk about today is using a rubber band to open and unscrew your tank. As you go throughout your day and if you use a box mod, you’ll find that there will be times when you want to unscrew your tank, but the threading of the tank and mod can become stuck due to juice leakage that dries and makes the threading sticky. If this happens, carrying around thick rubber bands that can be wrapped around your tank can give you the extra grip you need to unscrew your tank from your mod.  

Using Scissors to Unscrew Your Tank

Another method you can use to unscrew your tank if it is stuck is to use a pair of scissors. To do this, simply locate the airflow in your tank and put it in the widest setting possible. Next, you’ll want to insert one of the blades into the airflow hole and gently apply pressure toward the direction where the tank loosens. You might need to wiggle it and apply gentle pressure, but usually, after one wiggle, it comes loose, and you’ll soon have an unscrewed tank.

Carry Around a Vape Bag

A vape bag will ensure that you can carry all your vape accessories in one place. More importantly, if you have a vape bag that secures and protects your box mod or vape device, there it’s less likely that you will stain your pants, phone, or other belongings with vape juice since the box mod is sure to create small leaks that are passed on to the other items in your bag or pocket. 

Also, extra points if you can buy a plastic case that can protect only your box mod, not only will you prevent vape juice from dripping and staining all the items in your pocket or bag, you will also ensure that it does not misfire or turn on by itself. 

Carry Around a Cleaning Cloth

Another important thing to carry around with you, if you own a box mod, is a cleaning cloth. As stated earlier, even if you have the most secure and protected box mod on the planet, it will still leak here and there. That’s why you not only need to carry around a vape bag but also a cleaning cloth that you can use to wipe down your box mod when using or after using. This will ensure you always have a clean box mod. Also, remember to use the cleaning cloth alongside water since water will quickly get rid of the gunk and vape juice residue much faster than if you were to use only a cleaning cloth.

Using a Safety Pin or a Piece of Wiring To Poke Holes in Your Coil

If your vape coil is taking too long to saturate or if you’re experiencing dry hits on a brand new coil, or even if you’re vaping a thick juice that is not making it to your coil, you can poke a few holes in the coil with a safety pin or with a piece of wiring, and this will speed up the saturation process. However, be careful that you only poke a few holes; 1 or 3 should do the trick, and be aware that you are not poking the coil inside as this can damage the coil. 

Do You Have Vaper’s Tongue? Use Coffee or Try Lemons

If you don’t know by now, vaper’s tongue is a real thing that can happen when you vape a vape juice for too long. For example, if you love a vape juice so much that you vape on it, for days on end, there might come a time when you can no longer taste the flavor. While this is no cause for panic, there is a simple vape hack that can reset the taste buds on your tongue so you can go back to enjoying your favorite vape juice. 

This vape hack is using coffee. The hack is rather simply just by inhaling the smell of coffee; your senses should reset. In fact, this is a trick used by sommeliers to reset their palates. If this doesn’t work, you can also eat a lemon which has a similar effect on your taste buds and the olfactory sense. 

Fix a “No Atomizer” Sign By Pulling the Pin That Connects To The Mod

If you have a box mod with you, you might have experienced a no atomizer sign on your LED screen. This could happen for a number of reasons (for an in-depth look into this issue, you can read our blog dedicated to this topic), but a quick fix that you can do is to adjust the pin that connects the atomizer to the mod. To do this, you’ll want to unscrew the tank or atomizer from the base of the mod, and there should be a gold pin that you’ll want to pull on so it expands outward. Now that the pin is sure to reach the base, you’ll want to screw it back on, and the sign should no longer appear. 


We hope that you can fix anything your vape device throws out at you with these vaping hacks. However, do remember that there might come a time when hacks won’t work, and you might need to take your vape device to a vape shop, for example, if it shows a no atomizer sign or if it’s constantly leaking.


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