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Vaping Trends for 2023: What To Expect

With 2022 in the rearview mirror, we set our sights on what 2023 offers the vaping industry for you, the consumer. There is a great likelihood that our predictions will come true. From more demand for nicotine salts to the dangerous consequences of vaping misinformation, here are the biggest trends that will dominate the market. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Nicotine Salts Are the Future
  2. Disposables Will Remain the Entry Point for Smokers Into Vaping
  3. The Climax of the FDA vs. Vaping Could Occur in 2023
  4. Harsher Regulations Will Grow the Black Market
  5. Vaping Technology Will Continue to Advance
  6. Grassroot Movements by Consumers Could Make All the Difference
  7. Conclusion

Nicotine Salts Are the Future

Nicotine salts are the future of vaping. This is true because as new vapers realize that they are wasting more money when buying disposables every week, they will no doubt move onto nicotine salts since they will have grown accustomed to the smoothness of nic salts. This will also likely happen because as new vapers venture to look for more exotic and better brands, they will finally find pod systems and realize a whole world of flavors is at their disposal. Since brands are now creating extremely flavorful nicotine salts and vape devices become more advanced, leaking less, and providing better experiences, we think in 2023, nicotine salts will become way more popular. 

Disposables Will Remain the Entry Point for Smokers Into Vaping

One trend that will not go anywhere is that disposables will remain the entry point for smokers into vaping. Disposables have entered the social consciousness and mainstream culture. With memes, videos, and celebrities using disposables (although celebrities have been using vape devices for a while now), these vape devices are the most popular and were also the most popular in 2022. In 2023, this will not change, and disposables will remain the first door that first-time vapers open into the world of vaping. 

The Climax of the FDA vs. Vaping Could Occur in 2023

The strategy of the FDA so far has been to tiptoe the line between completely banning vaping flavors and products and giving the vape industry ample time to change and evolve. Political pressures from non-profits who are against vaping and pro-vaping movements will continue to stress and finally tip the FDA to one of these sides. While this can certainly take years to happen, in 2023, a decisive decision by the FDA could be made to either ban vaping outright or let it continue to be one of the alternative nicotine products on the market. 

Harsher Regulations Will Grow the Black Market

If further regulations continue to be passed statewide and in cities, we believe the black market will grow. This is dangerous for three reasons. First, there will be more poorly made and unsanitary vapes that will reach the public, which will no doubt be harmful to the health of vapers everywhere. Once this has occurred, the second thing is that buying and acquiring vapes will become more dangerous, with shady characters entering the industry. Finally, the reputation of vaping and the vaping industry, in general, will suffer from the first two, and the public view of vaping will grow more negative. 

Vaping Technology Will Continue to Advance

Despite all of this, we firmly believe that vaping technology will continue to advance. This year we saw the birth of water-based vaping (you can read our blog on this technology here), which will no doubt make vaping safer and tastier and might persuade the FDA to rethink its strategy on how it plans to classify vaping. Further breakthroughs are to be expected in 2023, and one of these could ultimately evolve the industry. 

Grassroot Movements by Consumers Could Make All the Difference

Since the tipping point of the FDA finally taking swift affirmative action will happen this year, now is the time to rally behind pro-vaping non-profits and organizations. These groups will make all the difference in Washington and give a voice to the voiceless vapers that no doubt need to be represented by politicians and policymakers. 


And those are our predictions and vaping trends for 2023. From nicotine salts becoming the next hot ticket item to vaping technology advancing, these are the takes of the eJuiceDB team for 2023. As always, we invite you to check the homepage to see all the current discounts and sales at eJuiceDB

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Children, breastfeeding and pregnant women, persons with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or that take medications especially for depression or asthma should not use nicotine or vaping products. Always consult a licensed physician prior to use.

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