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What To Buy As a Vape Beginner: The Best Devices and Vape Juice

What To Buy As a Vape Beginner

Andres Roman |

With all the vaping devices available in the market, it can be difficult to decide which one will suit you as a vape beginner. This is why we decided to create this blog to help beginners and guide them in purchasing only the essential devices they need to start vaping. So if you’re ready, let’s get started. 

Table of Contents:

  1. What You Need As a Vape Beginner
  2. Types of Devices
  3. Types of E-liquids
  4. Conclusion

What You Need as a Vape Beginner

If you’re a vape beginner wondering what items you need to start vaping, you’ll be relieved to know that all you really need is a device and maybe some vape juice. However, we do recommend that you first do some research into some of the beginner devices that are currently available since not all vapes are for beginners. While there are tons of different devices available, we’ll only be focusing on two devices: disposables and pod systems. And as far as vape juices, there are only two kinds, traditional vape juice and nicotine salts. 

Types of Devices

Vape devices all essentially perform the same function. They evaporate vape juice and create vapor. Yet, they come in many shapes and sizes, and for beginners, this can be a bit daunting. However, this is exactly why we created this blog, to help you decide which type of devices you should get. We’ll start with the easiest device: disposable vaporizers.

Disposable Vaporizers

Disposable vaporizers are the simplest vape devices to operate. They come prefilled with vape juice, so you don’t have to fill them, you don’t have to charge them because they come with an internal battery already charged, and once you finish the vape juice, you simply throw them away. They also use nicotine salts, which replicate smoking cigarettes better since they have more nicotine than traditional vape juice (more on this later), and this makes them ideal to be used by ex-smokers and brand new vapers who might crave a bit more nicotine. However, some of the cons of disposables are that in the long run, they will be more expensive than the other device we will talk about (pod systems) since they are single-use. But if you are looking to try vaping out, these devices are excellent. 

Some disposables brands we recommend include KAOS Disposable Vapes, VaporTech Cube Disposable Vape, and Hyppe Max Flow Vapes.

Pod Systems

Next on the list are pod systems. Pod systems are perhaps the most well-known and popular devices currently available to vapers. They are compact and also like disposable vapes, perfect for travel. They will easily fit inside the palm of your hand or in your pocket. However, unlike disposable vapes, they do need to be charged and be filled, but they are more cost-effective in the long run since one of these devices can last for years. 

There are two types of pod systems closed and open pod systems. Closed pod systems use one-time use pods that are filled with vape juice. These pods can’t be refilled, which is why these types of pod systems are called closed pod systems. Open pod systems come with pods that can be opened and can be refilled with vape juice. In our opinion, the best option is to buy an open pod system that you can use alongside a bottle of vape juice which will last you way longer than a one-time use pod, which you’ll need to keep buying to continue using your device. 

Types of E-liquids

As a beginner, you don’t necessarily need to buy vape juice bottles if you plan on buying either disposables or a closed pod system since both of these devices come with prefilled eliquid and prefilled pods. However, if you are planning on buying an open pod system, when you get your device, you will also need to buy a separate vape juice bottle. 

This will not only save you tons of money in the long run since you won’t have to constantly buy prefilled pods and disposables, but you’ll also get to explore a world of hundreds and even thousands of flavors. By buying a separate vape juice bottle, you can choose from flavors that range from cereals to desserts, to fruits, to custards, to even beverages. On the other hand, if you were to stick to prefilled pods and disposables, your options when it comes to flavor would be limited (although disposables offer more flavors than prefilled pods). 

However, buying a vape juice bottle can be tricky, and there are some things you need to know. For example, there are two kinds of vape juices: traditional vape juice and nicotine salts. You also need to know about ingredient ratios which we will talk about further below. For now, let’s start with nicotine salts. 

Nicotine Salts

In essence, what you need to know about nicotine salts is that they are more potent and more easily absorbed by the body. Because of this, they are perfect for new vapers who have recently stopped smoking cigarettes. Because more vape beginners are recent ex-smokers, chances are if you walk into any vape shop in the country, they will point you to a device that uses nicotine salts, which in our case are disposables and pod systems. To learn more about nicotine salts, you can check out our blog here, where we go more in-depth on the topic. 

Ingredient Ratios

Another thing you need to know before you go off buying your first bottle of vape juice is ingredient ratios and how a change in these can affect the vaping experience. In short, there are four ingredients in every vape juice bottle: nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and artificial flavorings. 

The level of nicotine you choose will not only affect how much nicotine your body intakes, but it can also make the vape eliquid feel harsher on your throat. The amount of vegetable glycerin (VG)in the vape juice determines how big and fluffy your vapor clouds will be. Also, more VG will make the vape smoother. On the other hand, more propylene glycol (PG) means more flavor but also a harsher vape. 

Usually, when you go to a store to shop for vape juice, you should ask about the ratio. Some common ratios include 50VG/50PG, 60VG/40PG, and 70VG/30PG. If you plan on using a pod system, you should use 50VG/50PG (which is the ratio for nicotine salts). This is because if you use a vape juice with too much VG, your pod system might have a harder time evaporating the juice since more VG makes the vape juice more viscous, and this can affect the lifespan of the pod system.  


To conclude, you can start vaping by trying out disposables. Although you should know that these are one-time use devices which will mean you’ll need to buy more once you finished them. If you want to make more of a commitment, you should get a pod system. And to be more specific, you should get an open pod system. Pod systems will last you for years if you know how to treat them, but you’ll also need to buy a vape juice bottle to use alongside these devices. And that's it, that's all you really need to start vaping.


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