WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Alphaa Sigma Plus Disposable Vape: Product Review

Alphaa Sigma Plus Disposable Vape: Product Review

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Alphaa Sigma Disposable Device



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The Alphaa Sigma Plus vape pen is a new vape disposable that comes prefilled and precharged. It holds approximately 2,200 puffs and houses a 1400mAh integrated battery. The mouthpiece is elegantly designed to provide a superior vaping experience. This Disposable can be purchased as a 10 pack. 


  • A great variety of flavors: 15 unique flavor profiles in total
  • Draw activated so there is no need for buttons
  • One of the longest-lasting battery in the market
  • No need to recharge or prefill


  • Hard to find in vape shops

Product Specs:

  • Available in a 10-unit pack
  • Has 15 flavor options to choose from
  • Has a draw-activation
  • No need to charge
  • Heat resistant PCTG plastic mouthpiece
  • Size: 116.5mm x 19mm
  • It holds about 2,200 puffs
  • It has a 1400mAh integrated battery
  • It comes with 50mg of nicotine salts
  • Holds 8.5ml of vape juice



It’s hard to find a disposable that exceeds in both the flavor department and provides the user with higher than average e-liquid content. You’ll either find delicious disposables offering 200 to 400 puffs, or you’ll find large plus-sized disposables that only come in a few flavors.

Thankfully the Alphaa Sigma Plus Disposable Vape has created a disposable vape pen that delivers on those two fronts. With more than 15 flavors and a whopping 2,200 puffs per device, the Alphaa Sigma Plus Disposable device is a welcomed rarity in the vaping community.

Using high-quality nicotine salts that deliver a smooth experience with every inhale, you get a powerful hit of nicotine that satisfies even the most decisive cravings. The draw activation technology ensures ease of use and avoids any possible misfiring when carrying it on your pocket or purse. 

While many “plus” vape devices advertise days on end of battery power, they often fall short, which leaves unused e-liquid inside the machine. However, the Alphaa Sigma Plus’s powerful battery delivers as promised, allowing you to vape down to the last drop of the 8.5ml of e-liquid that comes with the device.

The design, which is compact and sleek, is perfect for travel, and the ergonomically designed mouthpiece provides what many disposables lack, comfort while vaping. 

The disposable vape flavors this device comes with, which range from desserts to fruit mixes to even beverages, offer everyone a flavored disposable vape pen they will love. From Russian Creme to Cherry Lemonade, you could be looking at your next all-day vape.

All in all, the Alphaa Sigma Plus Disposable device delivers a unique experience, one that includes long-lasting battery power, vape juice that will last you for days, and 15 delicious flavors that all deserve trying at least once. If you’re interested in buying the Alphaa Sigma Plus Disposable Vape, click here


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