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SMOK Nord 2 vs SMOK Nfix: Which is the Better Vape?

SMOK Nord 2 vs SMOK Nfix

Andres Roman |

It seems that the vape industry has shifted its focus on creating better and smarter pod systems. But with all the new releases, how can you make sure you’re getting the right pod system for yourself? In today’s blog, we put two of the most popular vape devices in recent memory, the SMOK Nord 2 vs. SMOK Nfix. 

We’ll talk about everything, from how the SMOK Nfix pods and the SMOK Nord 2 pods are different from each other and how the SMOK Nord 2 battery outperforms the battery of the SMOK Nfix. All in all, we’ll talk about features, design, battery life, and performance and tell you which device comes out on top. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is the SMOK Nord 2?
  2. What is the SMOK Nfix?
  3. SMOK Nord 2 vs SMOK Nfix
  4. Conclusion

What is the SMOK Nord 2?

The SMOK Nord 2 is the natural progression of the hugely popular SMOK Nord, which many people said revolutionized pod systems with replaceable mesh coils. Out of the box, you get the device, a charging cable, two pods that each contain an RPM coil and a Nord Coil, and a user manual. 

This time around, the Nord 2 comes with a 1500mAh internal battery which is sure to get you through the day and then some. It has an output power of 0 to 40 watts with adjustable wattage, a welcome feature for many vapers. It also has a 4.5ml liquid capacity in each pod, and two coils, a 0.8ohm Nord coil and a 0.4ohm RPM mesh coil meant for a sub-ohm experience. 

It has a 0.69” OLED screen where battery life, wattage, ohm load, voltage, and puffs are displayed. It turns on with five clicks, wattage is chosen with three clicks, and five clicks to turn off. Finally, it comes in nine different colors, with the two impressive colors that use stabilizing wood. 

What is the SMOK Nfix

The SMOK Nfix is a great starter vape that happens to come with bells and whistles of very advanced box mods, like variable wattage and an OLED screen. Out of the box, you’ll find the following: a user manual, warranty card, charging cable, two pods.

This device comes with a 700mAh integrated battery which is pretty standard in pod systems. It has an output of 0 to 25 watts, which also comes with variable wattage to allow for different vaping experiences. Each pod is a DC 0.8ohm MTL Pod that provides a mouth-to-lung feel similar to that of a cigarette, and each pod holds 3ml of e-liquid.

It comes with a 0.69” OLED screen that displays wattage, battery life, ohms, voltage, and puffs. To turn the device on, you click it five times. To change the wattage, you click it three times which round-robins when you get to 25 back to 0. And to turn it off, you click it five times. And it comes in 8 different colors. 

SMOK Nord 2 vs SMOK Nfix

Now that we know a bit about both devices, we can compare them on the most important things: features, design, battery life, and finally, performance. 


Here both devices seem to be on par. They both have 0.69” OLED Screens that allow for variable wattage; they both have puff counters, voltage, and ohm readings. Even though some reviewers have pointed out that the puff counter resets if the pod is taken out, it can be resolved if one turns off the device before taking the pod out. When it comes to features, they are pretty much the same. 


When it comes to design, both devices have their strengths and weaknesses. For the SMOK Nord 2, the duckbill mouthpiece makes vaping the device an effortless and easy experience that makes it enjoyable. The mouthpiece on the SMOK Nfix, however, is not as ergonomic as the SMOK Nord 2. However, the built of the SMOK NFix is small and compact but feels very durable, unlike the built of the SMOK Nord 2, which is made out of plastic.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the SMOK Nord 2 blows the SMOK Nfix out of the water. With the SMOK Nord 2 having an integrated battery of 1500mAh, it’s almost twice as powerful as that of the SMOK Nfix, which only has an integrated battery of 700mAh. While the SMOK Nord 2 battery will be able to last at least a whole workday, the SMOK Nfix will only be functional for about five hours or less, depending on how much you vape and the wattage you use. But do remember that battery life depends on the user as well as the usage. 


Here’s where things get a bit tricky. When it comes to performance, you would expect that the SMOK Nord 2, which has a variable wattage of 0 to 40 and two replaceable coils, one that replicates mouth-to-lung vaping, and an RPM coil that’s direct-to-lung and creates a close simulation of sub-ohm vaping, would be the clear winner, since allows for two very different experiences. 

But for some reason, the performance of the SMOK Nfix, which only comes with two DC 0.8ohm mouth-to-lung pods and has a variable wattage of 0 to 25, is great when it comes to flavor and, more importantly, when paired with nicotine salts, provides a vape experience similar to that of smoking cigarettes.

When it comes to performance, it really comes down to what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a pod system that will allow you to create plumes of vapor, then definitely go for the SMOK Nord 2, but if you’re getting into vaping and are looking for your first starting kit, you won’t go wrong with the SMOK Nfix.


While both devices are on even ground when it comes to features, with both variable wattage and OLED screens features unheard of in pod systems, they differ in design, battery life, and performance. 

When it comes to design, the SMOK Nord 2 has a duckbill mouthpiece that beats the less ergonomic mouthpiece of the SMOK Nfix. However, the durability of the SMOK Nfix is superior to that of the SMOK Nord 2. In battery life, the clear winner is the SMOK Nord 2, which holds a battery that is almost twice as powerful as that of the SMOK Nfix. 

And finally, when it comes to performance, both devices serve their purpose. The SMOK Nord 2 is for vapers that want to dip their toes in direct-to-lung vaping, while the SMOK Nfix is for ex-smokers looking for their first vaping device. 


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