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How To Refill A Vape: An Overview

How To Refill A Vape

Andres Roman |

While filling or refilling a vape device might be a commonplace practice for seasoned vape veterans, it’s an entirely new and strange procedure for beginners who might have bought their vape device a couple of days ago. They might be now wondering how to refill them.

This is why we decided to create this short guide that covers how to refill most tanks and vape devices, so beginners can quickly grasp this concept and don’t panic when their vape juice starts running low. So if you’re a beginner wondering how to refill your vape device, read on to find out exactly how to do it. 

Table of Contents:

  1. When to Fill Your Vape
  2. Things to Do Before Refilling Your Vape
  3. How To Fill a Closed System Vape Pod
  4. How To Fill an Open System Vape Pod
  5. How To Fill a Bottom Fill Tank
  6. How To Fill A Top Fill Tank
  7. How To Fill an RDA
  8. Conclusion

When To Fill Your Vape

You can tell you need to fill your vape when you no longer get the same flavor from the vape, or if you do get the same taste, you might not be producing as much vapor as you usually do. Most of the time, if you can see your vape’s tank and the e-liquid inside, you might fill it again once you can tell it’s low. 

Some people don’t wait until it’s too low to fill it back up again. They simply fill it whenever it is half full, so deciding when you want to fill your vape comes down to your preference, but we recommend you fill it once the vapor and flavor have decreased. 

Things To Do Before Filling Your Vape

Before filling or refilling your vape pen, you will want to turn off the device and, depending on the type of vape device you own, unscrew the tank from the vape. This will make sure that if there are any spills, they won’t affect the inside circuitry of your vape or the vape battery. 

Another thing we suggest you prep before planning to refill or fill your vape or vape tank is some paper towels in case there is any spillage or accident.

As with all vape devices, you first need to know what type of vape tank or vape device you own before figuring out how to fill it. Some of the most common types of vape tanks or devices include:

  • Closed System Pod Vapes
  • Open System Pod Vapes
  • Top Fill Tank
  • Bottom Fill Tank
  • RDA

How To Fill a Closed System Vape Pod

Pod systems are perhaps currently the most popular and commonly used vape devices globally, with the most famous one being the JUUL. There are two kinds of pod systems: open or closed pod systems. Closed pod systems are perhaps the most straightforward vape devices to fill. One could even say it’s one of the reasons why they are so popular. 

“Closed” or “open” system refers to the type of pod the vape pod device comes with. A closed system pod vape means that it is not manually refillable, and you can not open it and use it more than once. 

To refill or fill a closed system vape pod, all you have to do is change the pod it comes with. The pod is often the removable part where you inhale and where the vape juice is stored. When you bought your device, it should have come with spare pods of different flavors. However, if it did not come with spare pods, you’ll need to buy some to continue vaping. 

Change the old pod by removing the pod (they are often magnetic) that has no vape juice for another pod with e-liquid inside, and you will be ready to go. 

How To Fill an Open System Vape Pod

Filling an open pod system is a bit different. Since these pods are “open,” that means that they can be refilled and that you can use a bottle of your vape juice to fill it and use the pod more than once. 

So the first step in filling up your open is removing the pod from the device. Then after removing the pod, you’ll want to take your bottle of vape juice (we recommend you use nicotine salts or that the vape juice has a ratio 0f 50/50) and apply it into the pod. Some pods come with an opening that will fit the tip of the vape juice bottle. At the same time, others come with silicone adapters. 

After pouring a good amount of vape juice into the pod, you’ll want to wait a couple of minutes, usually 10 to twenty minutes, to let the wick saturate. Once the time has passed, insert it back into your vape device, and you’re done. 

How To Fill a Bottom Fill Tank

To fill a bottom fill tank, the first thing you have to do is make sure your device is completely turned off. Next, you’ll want to unscrew the tank from the vape device. To do this, unscrew the bottom part that holds the tank and device together. It is usually at the bottom. After this, you’ll also want to unscrew the coil and place it next to the vape, where it won’t get lost. 

If you plan on refilling the tank with a brand new flavor, you’ll have to clean your tank. You can read how to do this here. Even if you aren’t switching vape juice flavors, it’s essential to clean the tank whenever you get a chance to avoid gunk from building up. 

Now that you have unscrewed the tank and have taken out the coil, you’ll want to gently use your vape juice bottle to apply vape juice in the juice portholes of the coil. This is an essential step, significantly if you are changing a new coil, that should always be done to avoid burnt hits. Once that’s done, go ahead and reattach it to the tank. 

Next, you’ll want to take the vape juice bottle and fill the tank up to the fill line. Since this is a bottom fill tank, you’ll most likely place it upside down where an opening in the tank will allow you to insert the tip of the vape juice bottle. Once this is done, go ahead and screw everything together but wait a few minutes (up to 10 to twenty) so the wick can saturate, and you successfully prime the device. 

How To Fill A Top Fill Tank

Top Fill tanks means that they are filled from the top. Still the same procedure should be done. First make sure that the device is turned off. Since most top fill tanks have the airflow base at the bottom, go ahead and unscrew the bottom airflow ring from off your vape which should allow you to unscrew the tank. Once that’s done go ahead and unscrew the coil. 

Just like when filling up the bottom fill tank you’ll also want to saturate your coil with vape juice to avoid burnt hits. To do this, simply take your vape juice bottle and apply a couple of droplets into each of the juice port holes found in the coil. 

Next you’ll want to unscrew the mouthpiece from the tank, and this should show the ports where the vape juice can be poured inside the tank. You might also need to push the mouthpiece to the side, where it will also reveal the opened ports where you can pour vape juice. Next taking your vape juice bottle you’ll want to simply pour it into the ports until it hits the fill line outline in the tank. 

Make sure never to drip vape juice down the center tube of the tank, as this can cause flooding and spitback. 

Finally it’s time to put the vape back together. Once the tank is full of vape juice, screw or slide the mouthpiece back on top.  From the bottom stick the coil back inside, and finally screw the tank back to the device itself by screwing it together with the airflow ring. Remember to wait 10 to twenty minutes to allow the wick to saturate completely. 

How To Fill an RDA

Filling an RDA is the easiest of the bunch. RDAs stand for rebuildable dripping atomizer, which means that there is no tank involved, and you have to build your coils. To fill an RDA, all you have to do is “drip” vape juice directly down the mouthpiece since the atomizer, coil, and wick are all exposed. Pour down vape juice into the atomizer, just a few drops, to avoid spilling it and vape away. Since you technically can’t fill it, you have to drip vape juice into the atomizer constantly. 


To conclude, how you fill your vape will depend mainly on the type of device or tank you own. And there are tons of vape devices and tanks out there, all with completely different components and modes of operation. But no worries, this guide goes over all the most common ones so you won’t feel completely lost when it comes time to refill or fill your vape. Also, you can find filling and supplying information on the manufacturer’s website, and if that fails, a visit to your local vape shop where someone can help you can teach you how to fill your vape.


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