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Five Amazing Apple Pie Vape Juice Flavors

Five Amazing Apple Pie Vape Juice Flavors

Today I thought I would start talking about some great apple pie flavors, since that happens to be one of my favorites. There is really nothing better than a slice of apple pie and maybe a side of vanilla bean ice cream to go with it... right? I have to say that the vaping industry has a ton of dessert vapes. Believe it or not we carry almost 4000 different products solely dedicated to desserts. We have it all. Today though, I am going to focus on apple pie. I have personally tried all five of the product on this week's list and I have to say, that they are all amazing. So maybe I can help you find something new to try this week.

That being said, here we go...

#1 - Apple Crumb by Mega E-Liquids

Starting off this week, we have Apple Crumb by Mega E-Liquids. It is an apple pie baked in brown sugar with cinnamon and a crumble pie crust. It makes for the perfect pie vape. It has a strong apple flavors with that pie crust flavor at the end on the exhale. This is definitely one of the better apple pie flavors out there. We have this available in 60ml and 100ml, and it is only $15.99 a bottle. Can't beat that!

#2 - Apple by Pie Factory E-Liquid

Number two on my list is Apple by Pie Factory E-Liquid. Pie Factory E-Liquid dedicates their efforts solely to making great pie flavors. Apple by Pie Factory E-Liquid is no exception. They have designed the American classic, with what they describe as a "perfectly brown homemade pie crust filled with freshly sliced apples and cinnamon". We have this available in 100ml bottles for $26.99. This is definitely one worth trying!

#3 - A La Mode by The Simple Vapor Co. eJuice

Third on my list is A La Mode by The Simple Vapor Co. eJuice. They describe this as "a warm slice of sweet apple pie, topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with warm caramel. Second helpings are encouraged". Unlike most of the others in my list for the week, it has the vanilla ice cream added. It makes for a more diverse flavor that gives you that creamy vanilla taste at the end. This is a serious dessert mix. We have this available in 120ml bottles for $29.95.

#4 - Grammy's Apple Pie by Turnt Vape Co. eJuice

Coming in at number four on my list is Grammy's Apple Pie by Turnt Vape Co. eJuice. It is a freshly baked cinnamon apple pie drizzled with caramel and topped with whipped cream. You not only get that amazing apple pie flavor on the inhale, you also get that creamy whipped cream on the exhale. This one is definitely a favorite of mine. I have vaped this over the last few years during the holidays. We have this available in 60ml bottles for $19.99.

#5 - Apple Pie by You Got E-Juice

Last on my top five for the week is Apple Pie by You Got E-Juice. It is a fairly straight-forward apple pie flavor that has strong apple flavors on the inhale and you get more of the pie crust on the exhale. You Got E-Juice puts out some amazing flavors that people genuinely love. We have this available in 60ml and 120ml bottle sizes. It is currently $12.99 a bottle for the 60ml and $21.99 for the 120ml.
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