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How To Clean a Vape Coil: What You Need To Do

How To Clean a Vape Coil

Andres Roman |

The part that box mod and sub-ohm vapers buy the most is a vape coil. After all, it is the heart and soul of the vape device, but it’s also the part that needs replacing most often. That’s why in today’s blog we teach you how to extend the life of your vape coil so you can replace your coil less often than necessary, saving you money in the long run.  

Table of Contents:

  1. Why It’s Important To Clean Your Vape Coil
  2. How To Clean Replaceable Vape Coils 
  3. How To Clean Rebuildable Vape Coils
  4. Conclusion 

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Vape Coil

Can you clean a vape coil? Yes, and there are many benefits to cleaning a vape coil. For example, with a clean vape coil you can better taste new flavors since you won’t have left over vape juice that might make the vape juice taste different. More importantly, if you clean your coil, you will often notice a clear difference in how often you replace your coils. And this is the more important part, cleaning your coils regularly will save you tons of money. 

However, there are two main types of vape coils, replaceable and rebuildable, and the way to clean them is completely different. Luckily in this blog, we will go over both ways to clean these two types of vape coils. 

How To Clean Replaceable Vape Coils 

We should say that cleaning coil heads or replaceable coils that come with the wick inside will extend their life only for a few days. This is because, unlike with rebuildable coils where you can replace the wick, the wick can not be taken off of replaceable coils, which will no doubt affect the performance of the coils no matter how good you clean them. Still, cleaning your replaceable coils will save you money and if you are not getting good flavor, it is a great way to fix this temporarily before you ultimately replace the coil. 

To clean replaceable vape coils you will need cheap vodka. Take a cup or bowl of vodka and throw the vape coil inside and let it sit in the vodka for a few hours (three hours or more should be fine). After the hours have passed, if possible, rinse the vape coil under distilled water; if not possible, then regular water should be fine. Blow into the opening where the wick is exposed to get the water and vodka out of the wick. Next, take a paper towel and dry it. Because the wick is inside the coil, it will take a long time to dry. If possible, place it in the sun and let it air dry. After a few hours have passed, you will have a clean replaceable coil. Remember that even though it will look clean, it won’t perform as if it were brand new, so in the near future you will need to replace it. 

How To Clean Rebuildable Vape Coils

To clean rebuildable coils, there is a completely different process. Since the wicks of rebuildable coils can be taken off, the first thing to do is to remove the wick. Depending on how much gunk has built up in the coils, you can simply press the firing button and let the coil burn bright red or orange and this will burn the gunk and leave the coils looking brand new. 

However, if you press the firing button and burning the coil accomplishes nothing, you will need a more thorough cleaning method. The second method requires removing the atomizer from your mod and dunk it in a lukewarm bowl filled with water. Next,  place it under running water and use a toothbrush to strum the coil and take off the gunk. Keep it under running water as you strum the coil and this should get the gunk right out. After you have rinsed it, to dry it, put it back on the mod and press the firing button. This will immediately dry it and burn the remaining gunk and water droplets on the coil. 

If the coil doesn't produce the same amount of vape after being cleaned, or it still has gunk that won’t come off, you will need to replace it. 


Now that you know how to replace both rebuildable and replaceable coils, you will save a ton of money in the long run. As always, we invite you to check out all the other blogs and to visit the homepage of eJuiceDB where you will find the latest savings on vape products available in our store 

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