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How To Store Vape Juice: E Liquid Storage Tips

How to store vape juice

Andres Roman |

Have you ever had a vape juice that you bought and that went bad or lost its taste? The problem you might be dealing with might be with the way you’re storing your vape juice. If you didn’t know, there is a correct and an incorrect way to store vape juice, and in today’s blog, we will cover how to do it if you plan on storing vape juice for the longer term or the short term and even the best way to protect your children and pets. So if you’re ready, let’s get started. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Is It Important to Store Your Vape Juice
  2. Short Term Storage
  3. Long Term Storage
  4. Keeping Your E Liquids Safe from Children and Pets
  5. Conclusion

Why is it Important to Store Your Vape Juice?

The importance of properly storing your vape juice is essential if you want to make your vape juice last longer without the vape juice going bad, changing flavors, or the nicotine evaporating. Essentially there are three elements that can make vape juice go bad. These are heat, air, and light. 

Heat essentially breaks down the molecules of the flavors and changes the flavor of the vape juice. This happens because the more heat the molecules receive, the more they move and interact with the other components in e juice, causing them to become smaller or break down, and this is why the heat changes the flavor of vape juices

Air and light directly affect nicotine. Air can’t be avoided since the bottle every time you open it will receive some oxygen and will affect the nicotine inside the vape juice. Light works similar to heat, but it mainly affects nicotine and slowly reduces the quantity of nicotine by breaking down.

That’s why if you want your vape juice to maintain its quality, flavor, and nicotine, you have to learn how to store it, especially if you buy it in bulk. 

Short Term Storage

For short term storage, we recommend that you use plastic bottles. Although glass dark tinted bottles work best for keeping sunlight, air, and oxygen out, we’ll explain more on this later on. For now, if you plan on running through your juice relatively quickly, then we suggest you use plastic bottles and that you place your vape juice in a cold, dark place directly away from sunlight. Here away from the three elements, is where you want to store your vape juice. Places like these could be a bedside drawer, cupboard, or closet. However, if you have kids or pets, you need to place them in a place that’s out of reach and take more things into consideration, but we’ll talk about this in a different section. 

Long Term Storage 

When it comes to long term storage, you need to be conscious of a lot of things. For starters, if you plan on buying in bulk and not opening the vape juices bottles for months, the first thing you need to do is transfer them to glass bottles. 

This is because plastic bottles are permeable. This means that liquids and gases, and other elements like oxygen, air, and heat can penetrate through the plastic bottles, which will break down the components inside the vape juice even if they are in dark and airless spaces. That’s why it is much better to use glass bottles. And dark tinted bottles seem to be the most effective. 

Glass bottles will be able to keep out oxygen, heat, and air better than plastic bottles, but you’ll still need to put the vape juices in dark and airless spaces, so there is no chance that the three elements that affect vape ejuice: air, heat, and light will have any effect on your vape juices. 

One of the best places to store vape juices, if you’re planning on storing them for the long term, is either in the fridge or freezer, with the best place being the freezer which is cold, airless, and dark. In the freezer, there is less of a chance for the molecules to break down since there is no heat or light, they have no energy, and so they don’t move and freeze. 

The freezer is also ideal because eliquids do not freeze. While it may become more viscous, it won’t freeze completely and will preserve the taste, nicotine, and flavor of the vape juice. However, whenever you do decide to open the vape juice, you need to consider that you need to have time to let it thaw or come to a warm temperature. To do this, you can place the bottle on a plastic container and let the vape juice float on a larger container that holds hot water. 

So, if you plan on storing vape juice for a long period of time (from 3 months up to a year), we recommend you use glass tinted bottles and that you refrigerate e liquid in the freezer where there is no chance that molecules will break down because it will be truly airless, lightless, and cold with no heat whatsoever. 

Keeping Your E Liquids Safe from Children and Pets

Lastly, but something that should be the most important thing, if you have pets or children, you need to consider that you’ll need to go further when storing your vape juices. This means most of the time using a lockable box or a vape juice storage box. If you leave your short term storage vape juices in a high cupboard, pets like cats can easily access and pry open the bottles. If you leave your bottles in a bedside drawer, your children might get to the vape juice bottle. So the best thing to do is to store your vape bottles in a lockable box. 


We hope that with this quick guide, you’ll be able to store your vape ejuice bottles correctly and won’t make the mistake of leaving them out in the open where the air, light, and heat can alter their properties and make them lose their flavor and nicotine. Also, although we just mentioned it in the last section, it’s important to use a lockable box if you own pets and children


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