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Regular Coil vs Ceramic Coil

Regular Coil vs Ceramic Coil

Andres Roman |

The vaping world can be both intimidating and fascinating, especially for beginners who have to catch new ones that arise almost year to year after learning about one technology. One of these relatively new technologies is ceramic coils which haven’t garnered much attention but are looking into, especially if you’re a beginner wanting to know more about different vape coils

In this blog, we go over the advantages and disadvantages of a ceramic vape coil and why you should or should not give into the hype. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Ceramic Coil?
  2. Advantages of Ceramic Coils
  3. Disadvantages of Ceramic Coils
  4. Conclusion

What is a Ceramic Coil?

A ceramic coil uses ceramics to make the coils more durable, long-lasting, and even more protective against metal oxidation. Although they take longer to start than other coils, they have several advantages like no dry hits, longer lifespan, and superior flavor (although this is subjective). 

There are essentially two types of ceramic coils. The first design and the most famous is the Vaporesso CCELL, which uses an ordinary kanthal wire. Still, it is encased by a ceramic cylinder that functions as the wicking material. 

The second design has a standard wire, again probably made out of Kanthal, but instead of having a porous cylinder, the wire is coated in ceramic, and it uses a cotton wick like other coils.  

Advantages of Ceramic Coils

There are quite a few advantages, for example, increased lifespan, improved flavor, no burnt hits, and no spit-back is created.

Increased Lifespan

Because ceramic can withstand high temperatures, it has a longer lifespan than regular coils. This is because the cotton wick on regular coils tends to burn after prolonged use. If this occurs, you'll need to stop everything you're doing and re-wick your device, which can take up a long time. On the other hand, with ceramic coils, since it acts as a protective layer, it does not burn the cotton wick, which extends the coil's life from weeks to months. 

Improved Flavor

Unlike with cotton, no flavor can get in the way of the taste. So you have a cleaner experience that lets the vape juice shine and is the star of the show. Also, because a larger surface area is covered, more vape juice is inhaled with each draw which equals more flavor. 

No Burnt Hits

Because there is no cotton, there is no chance of burning it and creating that unpleasant and nasty burn hits that vapers experience. With a ceramic coil, you would not taste a thing. 

No Spit Back

There's also the advantage that you won't experience any spit back since the juice has to go through the ceramic first, and because the ceramic is porous, it does not create a pool of vape juice around the coil. 

Disadvantages of Ceramic Coils

While there are more advantages to using ceramic coils, there are also disadvantages. The most important disadvantages include the scarcity of ceramic coils and tanks, and the fact that more vape juice is used. 

Scarcity of Ceramic Coils and Tanks

Because ceramic coils are relatively rare, there aren’t many tanks that can accommodate them. So to try them out, you would have to buy a specialized ceramic coil tank to fit ceramic coils. And for some, this is a deal-breaker. 

More Vape Juice is Used

Because a larger surface area is covered and because each hit is more flavorful, more vape juice is used. This means that you’ll be using more vape juice than what you’re used to, which means more trips to the vape store to buy more vape juice. 


So are ceramic coils better than regular coils? The answer depends on your preference. If you want an increased lifespan, improved flavor, no spit-back, and no dry burns, ceramics coils might be for you. However, it would help if you remembered that the tanks that accept and work with ceramic coils are few and use more vape juice which will make vaping more expensive.


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