WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Drops Menthol Tobacco Free Nicotine Vape Juice by Aqua

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Flavor Profile: Fruity droplets of colorful candy with menthol.

Aqua Menthol Drops E-Juice shows the sunshine at the end of the rainstorm, but with a cold front of menthol coming in. As the rainbow comes out, the air gets cool and rushes out the heat of the day. Feel the refreshing breeze as it carries strong fragrances of grape, green apple, orange, lemon, and strawberry in this fruity vape juice. Like a brisk August mist, these crisp droplets will fill your senses with an overwhelming sweetness that only subsides with the coolness of this blend. Kickstart the weather by launching full and dense clouds in the air that crackle with candied energy. The outlook of the day can be in your own hands when you control the sun’s effect with this menthol vape juice.



Aqua Menthol eJuice

The Aqua Menthol line from Marina Vape is your favorite Aqua flavors with a blast of cooling Menthol. Pure, Mist, Flow, Oasis, Drops, Swell and Glacier are exhilarating refreshingly cool clean flavors without an overly-sweet taste found in many other fruit and candy lines. If you're a fan of fruit flavored vapes and love the icy finish of Menthol this line is built for you with a variety of fruit, sweet, and minty concoctions to choose from

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