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How To Prime A Coil

How To Prime A Coil

Andres Roman |

Knowing how to prime a coil is extremely important for beginners. Although it might sound complicated and something only the pros know how to do, it’s quite simple in reality. By reading this blog, you’ll learn how to prime your vape coil. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Vape Coil?
  2. Why Do You Need to Prime a Coil?
  3. How Do You Know When To Change Your Coil?
  4. How To Prime and Break in Premade Coil Heads Step by Step
  5. How to Prime and Break in RDA Coils Step by Step
  6. Conclusion

What is a vape coil?

A vape coil or an atomizer head is the part of a vape that heats up and evaporates the e-liquid. They can be made from different metals. Some of the most common are kanthal, titanium, mesh, among others. They work by resisting the electrical current and heating up, vaporizing the e-liquid found in the wicking cotton. 

There are two types of coils you can prime, regular coils used in RDAs and premade coil heads, which you screw in; in this blog, we’ll teach you how to prime both of these coils.

Why do you need to prime a coil?

There are a couple of reasons you need to prime your coil, but mainly to avoid getting dry hits and extend your coil's lifespan. A dry hit is an unpleasant experience that occurs when the wicking material is not correctly saturated, which results in the user getting a burnt taste. If a coil head's cotton gets burned because it's not saturated enough, you'll need to replace it with a new one, which can prove costly. 

When To Change Your Coil

You’ll know you need to change your coil if the flavor of your e-juice is less intense and if you start to get a burnt taste after every inhale. These two are the most common indicators that your coil needs to be changed. 

How To Prime and Break in Premade Coil Heads Step by Step

How To Prime and Break in Premade Coil Heads Step by Step

Let's start by teaching how to prime premade coil heads. An example of a premade coil head would be GeekVape Super Mesh Replacement Coil, which is cylindrical and has the wicking material on the atomizer's sides instead of an RDA coil, which looks like this and where you have to put the wicking material through each coil. Now that you know what a premade coil head looks like, let's start with the first step. 

First, you'll want to unscrew the old coil and replace it with the new one (or screw it for the first time to the tank base). Next, you'll want to take your vape juice, and you'll want to insert a couple of drops on the top of the coil, especially around the sides where the wicking cotton resides. Make sure to also pour a couple of drops on the coil's sides where the cotton is exposed. Ideally, you won't want to fill the coil head with juice but saturate it. Repeat this process twice if you feel the need for the coil head to saturate.

Next, you'll want to assemble the rest of your vape. Put the tank around the coil, and fill it up like you usually do. And then, and this is the essential part. You'll want to wait at least 10 minutes before trying to hit your vape.  

Finally, you'll need to break in the coil head so it lasts longer. To do this, you'll want to first vape at the lowest recommended setting (you can find the lowest recommended setting of your coil in the manual or by visiting the manufacturer's website).

Once you know the lowest recommended setting, please take a few short puffs of the vape, and once you feel that it's starting to work, you're ready to increase it by 5 watts. Repeat the process of vaping and adding five watts until you reach your desired wattage. And voila, you just learned how to prime and break in your coil heads.

How to Prime and Break in RDA Coils Step by Step

How to Prime and Break in RDA Coils Step by Step

Now we’ll tell you how to prime an RDA coil. First, you’ll need to replace or insert your new coils. Unscrew the mouthpiece until the atomizer deck is fully exposed, and you can see the coils holding the wicking cotton (you’ll also need to replace these as well). Every atomizer deck is different, so the directions on how to install your coils will vary. Make sure you check your RDA manual before installing the new coils. 

Now that you have the new coils set up on your atomizer deck, you’ll need to re-wick your coils. To re-wick, insert your wicking cotton through the coils making sure they are the same length in each coil and use tweezers to tuck the ends underneath the RDA deck, making sure to leave room for airflow. 

Next, you’ll prime your coils by first dripping two or three drops of vape juice on them. You’ll then want to press the activation button ever so slightly until the coil turns hot and evaporates the vape juice you just dripped. Keep doing this, but the next time you hit the activation button, press it thoroughly about five times and repeat the dripping process into the coils about six times as well. 

You’ll start to notice little bubbles collecting on your cotton; this is a good sign that means the cotton is getting saturated. Next, go ahead and drip e-juice directly into the cotton and hit the activation button five more times. It would help if you were creating lots of vapor by now, and small spark like vapor clouds should appear. Once this happens, assemble your RDA, and you should be good to go.   


Knowing how to properly prime a vape coil will not only spare you from experiencing horrible dry hits, but it will also save you money by extending the lifespan of your coils, whose cost can add up. Also, by knowing how to prime your vape coil, you will have a better overall experience while vaping. 


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